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How Maui Jim Maintains a Luxury Image with RoboHead

Maui Jim implemented RoboHead to save time and ensure compliance to brand standards throughout their global reach. The Tipping Point Maintaining an elevated brand image takes meticulous thought and planning. It means having a critical eye and a strong creative vision for everything—from social media posts to printed advertisements and product tags, in addition to […]

How to Create Project Request Forms That Save You Time

Project requests take on many forms across creative and marketing teams. It is not uncommon for these to be informal—like an email from manager to manager, or someone stopping by your desk to discuss a new idea they have. This informal interaction is a wonderful place to start for new companies and young teams, but […]

Supercharge Your Workflow with Our Latest Updates!

The best teams are constantly looking to improve their workflows, collaborate, and make each other better. Our latest product update focuses on staying ahead of the needs of our customers and ensuring that RoboHead has the best and easiest to use interface. Our latest updates are centered around making collaboration and planning easier and faster. […]

33% of Marketing Professionals Are Making This Project Management Mistake

In a recent LinkedIn Poll by Aquent, 33% of respondents said they still rely on a shared spreadsheet to manage their tasks at work. For many teams, this shared spreadsheet may seem leaps and bounds better than their previous system (or no system at all), and we get it—simple solutions are often the best for […]

Aquent Partners with CARE on $100,000 Donation Effort for Ukraine Crisis Fund

“The Russia-Ukraine War continues to be front of mind for all of us at Aquent.” JOHN CHUANG, CEO – AQUENT Workforce solutions firm to fundraise for urgent humanitarian assistance needed for millions impacted by the war in Ukraine  Aquent, the workforce solutions company, launched a dedicated fundraising effort in partnership with CARE to donate $100,000 […]

10 Ways Project Management is Frustrating Your Team (and how to fix it)

Don’t Go Another Day Frustrating Your Team Employee satisfaction is more important now than ever before and taking any step that you can to improve the relationship that you have with your employees is a positive one. Keeping your software and workflow practices well planned and friendly for your team will have a lasting impact […]

What is the Return on Investment for a Project Management System?

Most professionals would love to find more time in the day —time to get to think strategically, time to mentor and build relationships within their team, and time to learn new skills. Yet these intangibles, which have significant business value, rarely make it to the top of the priority list because of an ever-shifting list […]