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Crafting Clarity: Strategies to Enhance Initial Project Briefs

For creative leaders, achieving precision and clarity from the start is not merely a wish; it’s crucial. A well-crafted project brief forms the foundation for outstanding results. Yet, even with effective strategies in place, 1 in 6 project requests get returned for revisions.

See It Your Way: Leveraging Flexible Views in RoboHead

Every project is different. And each one needs its special way to be looked at and managed. RoboHead knows this. That’s why it offers different views like Calendar, List, Kanban Board, and Gantt Chart. But when should you use each view? Let’s make it simple. Calendar View: Keeping Track of Time When to Use: Use […]

Digital vs Physical Color in Reviews

Written by Eric Frederiksen, RoboHead Support Specialist When you’re in art class as a kid, you learn about the color wheel–red, yellow, and blue are the primary colors. Orange, green, and purple are the secondary ones. That’s just how it is, right? The deeper you explore color, though, the more complex it becomes. If you’re […]

Ready for Q4? Productivity Insights to Guide Your Team

By Abbie Hatch, Marketing Manager for RoboHead Q3  of 2023 was busy! People in creative and marketing jobs have been working hard, and the RoboHead 10000 has the data to prove it. The index keeps track of how 10,000 creative and marketing professionals are doing. And this year, they’re busier than they have been since […]

Click with Confidence: Checking Hyperlinks with RoboHead

Have you ever worked hard on a project, launched it, and then realized there was a mistake? One common mistake is having broken links, which means when someone clicks on them, they don’t lead to the right place. This can be frustrating both for creators and customers. Teams who use RoboHead publish projects with confidence […]

Beyond Time Tracking: How to plan your team’s workload without clocking time

Effectively forecasting and planning workloads is important for healthy marketing and creative operations. While time tracking is often the most accurate (and loved by RoboHead users) way to keep a pulse on how long it takes to execute work, it can be discouraging for individuals to be micromanaged in this way. There are some simple […]

Bare Minimum Mondays: The Trend Shaping Your Team’s Work Habits

By Abbie Hatch, Marketing Manager for Robohead ‘Bare Minimum Monday’ is not just a catchy phrase or internet trend. It represents a rising sentiment in the corporate world, especially for younger workers. Stemming from the surge of viral Tik-Tok videos where users share their most laid-back outfits, routines, or the minimal amount of work they’re […]

North American Rescue Gets a Helping Hand from RoboHead

Managing a high volume of work is no easy task, especially when you serve many stakeholders. Lonnie Johnson, MARCOM Director, and his team at North American Rescue know this firsthand. The company is a leading provider of emergency medical equipment, and has to stay on top of a wide range of projects including website updates, […]