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As Economic Indicators Decline, Productivity Booms

Written by Abbie Thiebaut, Marketing Manager for RoboHead

October 3, 2022

As reports confirm two consecutive quarters of negative growth, creative teams are getting back to work in full force. August 2022 showed the first month where productivity overtook last year’s numbers on the RoboHead 10000 and September held the trend. The indicator showed a 30-point climb between July and August this year, the steepest month-to-month rise in RoboHead’s tracking.

Additionally, 2022 showed the strongest Q3 since before that pandemic in terms of productivity for the creative sector. The first two quarters of 2022 were fraught with staffing shortages and turnover. As labor markets tighten and companies foreshadow layoffs and reintroduce performance reviews, it is no surprise that teams are refocusing on metrics they can control: producing more work and moving their businesses forward. 

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About the Index

RoboHead 10000 tracks marketing activity in real time across industries, geographies, and company sizes during a given time period. In order to account for continuously adding new users, the raw data is averaged by two ratios, involving users and accounts,  in order to normalize the resulting data. At the beginning of the year for each time period (daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly), 100 has been assigned as a constant, so that all future data for that period will be measured against that relative value. 

Holiday activity is included, showing declines during those time periods.

How the RoboHead Index is calculated

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