Project Management

Supercharge Your Workflow with Our Latest Updates!

The best teams are constantly looking to improve their workflows, collaborate, and make each other better. Our latest product update focuses on staying ahead of the needs of our customers and ensuring that RoboHead has the best and easiest to use interface. Our latest updates are centered around making collaboration and planning easier and faster. Since our update went live, customers can now enjoy the following features:

  • A more delightful experience sharing notes between team members
  • An easier way to visualize the work assigned directly to you 
  • Automated ways to add notes where you need them
  • The ability to modify multiple projects all at once

A richer, more robust notes experience: 

If you’re a formatting fanatic, or just love to keep things neat and tidy with formatting, you can now add emphasis with italics, different text sizes, alignment and more!

Push Notifications when someone @mentions you 

Users now have even greater control over how they receive information they need to know. Once push notifications are enabled on your device, you’ll be able to get notifications for your @mentions right on your desktop so you can stay up to date with what you need to know—all without logging in or even switching between tabs!

Multiple Ways to Organize Your Conversations

Individuals take in information differently and have preferences on how to read information depending on the project. Now, you can choose to view RoboHead conversation in notes as either threaded or chronologically. 

More UX Updates to Notes

The notes section has received many other updates to make it easier to use than ever before including a quick glance at who is part of any conversion thread, the ability to decide whether approval notes can be posted as notes or log items, the ability to quickly jump to notes for the project you are working on, additional notification options for re-notifying after changes are made, and the option to “like” replies on notes to save time and acknowledge comments.

View Your Personal Assignments as a Kanban Board

Project Managers have had the ability to use Kanban views to organize and view work for the entire team, but now individual users can enjoy a look at their own assignments with this view. The Kanban board view adds more flexibility and allows individuals to quickly decide what to work on next based on project status. 

More Ways to Automate Your Workflow

With RoboHead, you not only organize your work, you eliminate it! With automations through RoboScripts and integrations through Zapier, you can cut our hours of work every week! In addition to thousands of other integrations and automations through Zaper, you may now create actions based on the creation of Notes in RoboHead. You can use this event to trigger actions in many of the thousands of applications supported by Zapier.

Modify Multiple Projects at Once

Our customer feedback is a big factor in how we decide what projects to work on next. The ability to update multiple projects at once has been a highly requested feature and we were happy to include it in our latest round of updates. Now, you can change the status, add details, re-assign, and more to multiple projects with just a few clicks.

Start Managing Your Projects Today

RoboHead is proud to have innovated for more than 15 years to stay on top of the ever-changing project management landscape! We hope these updates will continue to help our customers work smarter, get more done, and improve their team’s bottom line. If you’re looking for additional details on all the features RoboHead has to offer, schedule a demo today!

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