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Seeing Clearly: 5 Real Examples [with videos] of Improved Visibility in RoboHead

The most common thing that we hear when speaking with new customers is how much more visibility they have into what their team is working on now that they have RoboHead. But what does that actually look like? Today we’re sharing five videos that showcase how and where your visibility will be improved with RoboHead.

Organizing Calendars in RoboHead


From content calendars to time off, you need to juggle many important dates. Brent Otto, business development manager showcases how calendars can be organized based on your preferences.

Replace your Daily Standup

Are you wasting precious time with a daily standup meeting? Brent Otto has some great ideas to help you stay ahead on projects without unnecessary meetings.

Dashboards for Creative Operations

Create a mission control for your team and closely monitor anything of significance. Check in on rush jobs or see what’s running behind all with a few clicks.

Make Sure Projects Don’t Go Unassigned

You think you’ve assigned all of the project requests that have come through your department…but how can you be sure? Brent Otto shares a helpful report to get you started.

Choose Your View

Every project is different. And each one needs its special way to be looked at and managed. RoboHead knows this. That’s why it offers different views like Calendar, List, Kanban Board, and Gantt Chart. But when should you use each view? Let’s make it simple.

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