connect your tools

Flexible Integrations to Power Your Workday

Don’t let your projects get stuck in a box! Integrate your projects with tools you already use.

Simple Set Up

No need for advanced technical knowledge for many integrations!

Powerful Connection

RoboHead is designed to create seamless communication, so you can trust this applies to your integrations.

Dedicated Support

Almost any integration is possible with RoboHead. Our customer support is always available to offer guidance.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Manage your projects, keep them up to date, and decide what to work on next all without leaving Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, or Xd thanks to Powerful plugins!

RoboHead give you control of your inbox. Use emails to update projects and stay up to date. Easily configure which email notifications you want to receive, and which you don’t.

RoboHead can be integrated with applications like Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Calendar.

With the power of Webhooks and Zapier, the only limit on what you can connect to RoboHead is your imagination. Some examples include:

Chat Tools: Get notified in Slack (or another platform) when a project gets updated or marked complete.

Spreadsheets: easily and automatically create projects from Google Sheets.

What makes RoboHead beloved by customers for more than 18 years is the ability to customize it to your exact needs.

Your developers can build a solution with our API , or you can work directly with us to solve your biggest business struggles.

Have a project management struggle that just can’t be solved? We will build a custom solution to meet your needs. Existing customers can email to get started.

Put RoboHead to Work For You.

Request a demo today to learn more about how RoboHead can be individualized for your needs.

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