Workflow Automation

Eliminate Delays with Automation

Simple Set Up

Create automations without any technical knowledge or skills!

Integration with Any Tool

Your tools talk to each other with our 1,000’s of available integrations.

Dedicated Support

Not sure how to implement your idea? Our support team can help!

How It Works

RoboHead allows you to create automation in a few different ways, but you’ll need a “trigger,” (like a new project being requested or a review being marked as complete) and you’ll need an “action” (like send email or archive project).

Our interface is easy to use and will have you saving time within minutes!

RoboHead is the single source of truth for your project. When you use automation within RoboHead, it allows everything to stay together within your workflow without any loss of data.

Do your designers forget to mark projects as complete? Our smart system will allow you to set up other cues when projects are complete, like a proof being marked as “approved” to automatically update the status.

Put RoboHead to Work For You.

Request a demo today to learn more about how RoboHead can be individualized for your needs.

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