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NEW! RoboHead plugin for Adobe XD

Now seamlessly integrated: RoboHead plugin for Adobe XD

Adobe XD users can now save time by managing their creative files and project timelines through the RoboHead plugin for Adobe XD. Adobe XD is a free Adobe application that gives beginners and pros the tools to design and prototype.

Adobe XD allows designers to create without limits by creating designs and prototypes that look and feel real. The RoboHead plugin for Adobe XD will allow RoboHead users to export their design or prototype into a RoboHead Campaign or Project of their choosing. Once exported into RoboHead other team members will have access to these files making collaborating easier than ever. After a Task is complete, an Adobe XD user can view their assigned work and mark Tasks complete as they go through the design and editing process.


This is RoboHead’s first release of this integration. Allowing users to log into their RoboHead account from Adobe XD, export files, add a new version of a creative file in place of the current version, view open work, and update Task and To-Do status, all without having to leave the application. Additional functionalities are being developed and include:

  • Open files from RoboHead directly in Adobe XD.
  • Add tracked time to Project Tasks.
  • Attach an XD layout into a Review to send for feedback and approvals.
  • View and incorporate feedback delivered in RoboHead Reviews without switching tools.

Spend more time creating and growing your skills and less time managing your creative workflows with the RoboHead plugin for Adobe XD. To learn more about the RoboHead plugin for Adobe XD, click the button below.

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