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Elevating Education Marketing: MSOE’s Success Story with RoboHead


For those working in higher education marketing, managing a multitude of projects ranging from digital campaigns to print materials can be a daunting task. The Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) uses RoboHead to face these challenges head-on. This case study explores how Leigh Ann Hass, Director of Marketing Services, and her team at Milwaukee School of Engineering keep organized with RoboHead. 


MSOE’s Marketing Services department, led by Leigh Ann Hass, serves as the nexus for all internal and external communications, ensuring the MSOE brand is consistently presented in high quality across various mediums. The department oversees more than 600 projects annually, including digital content, brochures, invites, track sheets, and more. Before RoboHead, Leigh Ann managed these projects manually, a time-consuming process that was far from efficient.

Serving The Campus

MSOE selected RoboHead as its project management platform for its ability to facilitate the request, review, and approval process for marketing materials. The platform is primarily used by MSOE’s marketing team, including graphic designers, photographers, and writers, but they rely on the “contacts” feature to extend it to the entire campus for material requests. This inclusivity ensures that departments such as Advancement, Enrollment, and Athletics can easily submit requests for anything from name tags to signage, all of which are vital for campus operations and events.

Impact and Benefits

Time Savings: Leigh Ann reports saving at least two hours daily thanks to RoboHead’s streamlined processes. The platform has made it easier to manage requests, assign tasks, and track expenses related to printing, material, and mailing. By automating what was once done by hand, Leigh Ann can now focus on more strategic tasks.

“It’s helped me save so much time…It saves me two hours or more on any given day.”

Leigh Ann Hass

Improved Project Management: RoboHead’s templated request forms and tracking features have significantly improved project management. The platform allows Leigh Ann to quickly access past projects, update them as needed, and provide quick answers to inquiries about project details, including print quantities and costs.

Enhanced Collaboration: The platform facilitates seamless collaboration across various departments, making it easy to develop creative, results-oriented marketing plans. Its user-friendly interface is praised for being easy to learn, an essential feature for a campus with diverse project requestors.

“Tracking and getting quick answers for people is simple…Someone calls and asks ‘how many of these did I print’ I can quickly reference their past project” 

Leigh Ann Hass

Customization and Flexibility: One of RoboHead’s key strengths is its customization capabilities. Leigh Ann highlights how the platform can be tailored to fit the unique workflow of MSOE’s Marketing Services department, accommodating a wide range of project types and complexities.

“It can also be customized to the way you work…Templates are already set up based on project type”

Leigh Ann Hass

Conclusion and Recommendations

RoboHead has proven to be an invaluable asset for MSOE’s Marketing Services department, offering significant time savings, improved project management, and enhanced collaboration across the campus. Leigh Ann Hass strongly recommends RoboHead to other higher education institutions, emphasizing its ability to adapt to the diverse needs of a university setting. As MSOE continues to leverage RoboHead, the platform remains a critical tool for supporting the university’s strategic priorities, building its brand, and driving growth in enrollment and fundraising.

“It is an easy system for our clients to learn…For higher ed marketing teams with internal clients, the requests are very user-friendly and everything is easy to track”

Leigh Ann Hass

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