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Don’t Let Your Workflow Fall Flat: How to Improve Collaboration on Your 3D Design Projects

When it comes to the creative process, designers working with 3D files often find themselves stuck in one of two camps: isolated from the rest of the creative process or integrated but spending a large amount of time translating their workflow into a process that better serves 2D designers. This is exacerbated by the fact that much of the technology currently used by 3D designers is extremely specialized. These specialized technologies often make it hard to bring in outside stakeholders to collaborate, review, or even request 3D work the way they would request other projects. Streamlining your projects that include 3D models to integrate with how your organization already works will make it easier to collaborate, do better work, and prove the value of your 3D design projects.

Make Your Designs More Accessible for Non-Designers

It can be difficult for those not accustomed to working with 3D projects to give meaningful feedback. Many design teams currently rely on in-person or live video meetings to show off progress on 3D work for a simple reason: the files are intimidating and confusing for non-designers. If you’ve ever uploaded a 3D project to Google Drive to show off your work, only to receive dozens of tech-support questions about how to even open the file, we’re here for you. 

RoboHead now makes it easy to upload virtually any 3D file (we currently support obj, fbx, dae, glb, gltf, zae file types) and send a link to anyone in your contact list. They can then open, view, and add comments to your file all from the web browser on their phone or computer. This makes it easier for them to access the files, but it also makes it easier for you to have a single source of truth for the comments and feedback they share. No more collecting random screenshots, Slack messages, or video recordings with suggested changes.

Align Your Process to Organizational Practices

Managing your projects in the same place as other creative work creates more connection to your shared resources and goals. If your organization executes a lot of creative work, there are likely existing practices that the rest of the team or teams are following. These practices are designed to give visibility to managers and accountability to individual creatives. While it may be tempting to exist outside of these practices, aligning with them will naturally help build trust with your department and others. Plus, you’ll create a consistent path to invite others to collaborate with you and increase your 3D team’s value within the rest of the organization. 

Aligning your process may be difficult to do if your organization doesn’t use a project management tool that is friendly to 3D files. RoboHead is the only tool to fully integrate 3D reviews into a project management workflow. From the initial request for a design all the way to the final approval for a file, you can manage any project — from web pages, graphics, and PDFs to a 3D product file all in one place.

Tie Your Creative Work to Organizational Goals

More visibility into your team’s work makes it easy to show the value you provide. As organizations tighten their purse strings and adopt the mantra “do more with less,” creative teams of all kinds will find themselves working to prove the value that each person on their team provides.  Having tangible data that ties the hours you and your team spend on individual projects and how they impact the rest of the organization will allow you to advocate for your team and the resources you need to do your job well. 

RoboHead is the only tool that makes it easy for creatives of all types—from copywriters and graphic designers to Metaverse practitioners—to share one project management space. 

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