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The secret to creating alignment for your organization

How do you get a large, diverse group of people, all with their own interests and responsibilities, to buy in to the same goals and strategies? Achieving alignment is a struggle for any organization, and there are lots of approaches on how to do it. Many of these focus on big-picture ideas and getting people fully invested in the company’s overarching mission. But there may be a simpler way to create alignment: project management software. Starting with your marketing and creative services team and moving out to the rest of your organization, here’s how project management software could hold the key to creating alignment for your business.

Aligning your marketing team

Miscommunication costs companies an estimated $37 billion per year, so improving project communication management can prove extremely valuable. Project management software helps align your marketing and creative services team communications in ways both big and small. For starters, collaboration tools that allow team members to view assets side by side and message one another in a single interface are a great way to improve team communication. Software like RoboHead then organizes all of your communications about a project in one place to prevent confusion about objectives or revisions. Having a central hub to communicate, track changes and manage any given project will help create a culture of collaboration.

Improving alignment company-wide

Aligning your marketing and creative services team is one thing, but getting your entire organization on the same page is a whole other animal. Thankfully, the right project management tool can help you get it done. Solutions like RoboHead come with robust reporting features that can help you clearly communicate concise KPI’s to leadership and other departments. By making it known throughout the organization what your team is doing and how you measure success, other teams may feel encouraged to follow suit. Achieving this unity in data and reporting can create a path to company-wide alignment.

Better alignment, better morale

Aligning your team and organization around business goals obviously provides a boost in your efforts to accomplish strategic objectives. But it can also provide a boost to your team culture. When you improve team communication using project management software, you see fewer issues that cause confusion and frustration as people are able to work together as a true team to accomplish their goals. Project management software also just makes people’s lives easier, which, in turn, leads to happy employees. One study found that happy employees are 20% more productive. So the project management features that improve alignment also enhance your team culture AND improve productivity.

Of course, it’s naïve to think that simply adding a project management tool will transform your organization and bring every employee completely in alignment with the company’s mission. But it can remove some of the roadblocks and create a culture in which achieving alignment is much more attainable. With the right project management solution, you can streamline operations and improve alignment for not only your marketing and creative services team, but the ripple effects can enhance alignment throughout the entire company.

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