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5 KPI’s Marketing & Creative Teams Have Improved with RoboHead

Even the most seasoned marketing & creative leaders struggle to track productivity for their teams. While finding the right KPI’s for your team is a practice that’s always evolving–for your team, their projects and goals–RoboHead customers find it helpful to track a few different metrics with our custom reports. Plus, they’ve been able to track these metrics, dial in their productivity, and show incredible growth in the process.

66% Shorter Average Project Duration

By tracking average project duration over time, you can measure how quickly your team is able to turn over projects. While differences in seasonality and project type can muddy the waters, this metric is a great benchmark to compare your project management health and whether your team is effectively serving your stakeholders. Keeping track of how long it takes from start to finish on a project is not only a great way to show your team’s overall performance and improvement, but it is also an excellent way to catch bottlenecks early and correct them quickly. After implementing RoboHead, Lifetime Brands was able to move their project duration down from 45 days to just 15 days.

520+  Hours Saved Managing Stakeholder Communication

Communication is essential to every person’s job, but emails and file management can be huge time wasters for your creative team. Teams who embrace automation often find themselves moving away from administrative tasks that suck the creative energy out of the room, making more space for meaningful creative work. AAA Washington was able to save 10 hours/week for their designers by automating certain parts of their tasks. Even on their small team, this equates to more than 520 hours saved for their team from a single automation.

25% Less Wasted time

You might not realize how much time you are wasting on certain tasks until you stop doing them. From sending emails to saving different file versions in the right folder, and searching for feedback, these little tasks add up. By consolidating their project management with RoboHead, International Vitamin Corp was able to spend 25% less time hunting down information in emails and project folders.

75% Shorter Task Duration

Looking to keep a pulse on your team’s performance on more of a granular level? You can track the time it takes to execute different tasks within a project from start to finish. This will allow you to catch slowdowns even faster and more accurately diagnose what specifically is causing them.  With RoboHead, Enova was able to manage their tasks 75% more quickly than before adopting.

200 Fewer Hours Spent in Meetings

You want to make sure your projects end in success. This can leave you scheduling kick-off meetings, making phone calls, and constantly clarifying different components of your projects. Some of these steps are necessary, but many can be simplified with the right project management practices. By using RoboHead to manage their project requests, Maui Jim was able to cut 200 hours of meetings from their calendar.

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