Designed for the Marketing & Creative Project Lifecycle

RoboHead is a project management solution built specifically for in-house marketing and creative teams with features that enable project managers, marketers, and creative professionals to get more work done in less time.


Reduce delays and “back-and-forths” by collecting all the information you need when the project is being initiated with a customizable project request form.

Request Forms

Capture every detail of your client’s project with a customizable request form. These forms give your clients a roadmap for what your team will need to kick off their project.

These forms also allow for almost any file to be uploaded and marked up alongside the request to provide additional context for your team.

Long request forms are confusing and leave room for error. Conditional logic allows you to display questions based on specific inputs to your form, allowing you to completely customize the information you gather for each project without overwhelming your client.

Get your projects assigned and out the door quickly through customized routing by project type or client.


Visualize exactly what will need to be done on each project so you can focus on getting work done, not just getting work started.

Quick-Start Templates

Breathe easy for rush jobs. For one-off or fast-turn projects, start quickly by only entering a few fields of essential data—or copy an existing project!

Many projects follow similar processes. Templates allow you to build the road map for new work in seconds rather than hours. These templates can be built based on project types like video, blog content, direct mail, or any other work your team regularly executes.

You’ll have a list of all the steps and people that need to be involved from start to finish before you’ve even checked your team’s availability.

Enjoy less downtime between projects. Task dependencies allow your timelines to automatically adjust based on when previous steps are completed. This means if your copywriter finishes early, all your deadlines will automatically adjust to reflect the gains in time—so your project can effortlessly finish ahead of schedule.


Optimize schedules and workload within RoboHead by aligning the right team members with the right tasks.

Workforce Planning

Visualize what each team member has on their plates with our workforce insights report, which shows you a percentage of each team member’s time that’s already been allocated to other projects.

Need a writer, a videographer, or a designer to manage a specific task in your project? Easily scroll between individual creatives by type so you can easily assign and re-assign tasks to the right person.

Even the best-laid plans have occasional hiccups. Your calendar, Gantt Chart and Kanban boards can all be adjusted with a simple drag-and-drop interface.


Individual creatives are empowered to manage their work day and prioritize what needs to be done.

Individual To-Do Lists

The My Work view is your go-to for everything on your plate. See all your tasks and your “to-dos” in one place.

Colored icons quickly highlight the status of each task. Prioritize your tasks by dragging and dropping them on your list.

With a timer or just a few clicks, you can track time in the background while focusing on producing great work.

Review the creative brief, update your status, and respond to feedback directly within your InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator window.


Manage and speed up the creative process with collaborative and automated online reviews and approvals. Easily distribute and share assets with teams and third-parties, eliminating the need for FTP uploads or large email files.

Automate Reviews

Built-in annotation and approval tools allow your team and clients to provide feedback on your creative deliverables at the appropriate stage.

Before offering a review, view versions side-by-side to see all feedback and a history of all changes that were made within each version of the deliverable.

All approvals and comments are time and date-stamped so there’s no confusion around who has signed off on what and are stored within each stage.

Whether you’re gathering feedback for a PDF, emails, 3D Files, websites and almost any creative deliverable you can imagine can all be marked up with RoboHead’s review tool.

If you need an audit trail on when work has been signed off on and who approved it, we’ve got you covered. We can even help you meet specific regulations with an official time-stamped digital signature from your approvers, eliminating a pesky step in your process.


Distribute your final files with speed and organization.

Automated File Delivery

When your final asset is marked as “approved” you can configure your settings to automatically email your file to the initial requestor, or anyone on your project team.

Never lose track of files again! Configure your settings to automatically save final file versions directly in your DAM or in our Asset Library.

When the work is done, you can easily share it via a simple link that can be accessed from a web browser. No more large file versions clogging up your email and desktop.


Understand important company metrics, KPIs, and overall status with custom reports using the RoboHead report builder.

Custom Dashboards

Schedule fewer meetings and have better visibility into what’s happening in your department with your custom dashboard. Keep a pulse on which projects are running ahead and behind, see new requests as they come in, and see a feed of your team’s latest activities and accomplishments.

Schedule reports to run on daily, weekly, or monthly intervals and automate who they are sent to. These proactive reports mean you’ll get fewer requests for status updates and better communication across your company.

Need to justify your headcount or advocate to grow your team? Our custom reports allow your team to show how much you accomplished, who you served, and how efficiently you executed your work in a period of time.

Visualize your team’s data with your favorite BI tool, like Tableau, Power BI, and more with our direct integrations.

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