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Case Study: Simplified Reporting at Tyler Technologies with RoboHead and Microsoft PowerBI


Having the right tools to manage and analyze project data is crucial. Tyler Technologies, a prominent software company serving the public sector, transformed its creative reporting processes. Girija Rayasam and Mark Asztalos, key players in Tyler’s marketing team, embarked on a journey to enhance their data visualization capabilities using RoboHead Data Direct (RDD) and Microsoft PowerBI, unlocking a new standard for efficiency and clarity in creative project management.

The contents of this case study are an excerpt from RoboHead’s User Conference, Converge


Tyler Technologies relies on RoboHead to coordinate projects across its 150-person marketing department, with multiple divisions. Because of the complexity of their team, they spent a significant amount of time sorting through all of the data in their RoboHead account. The existing process, heavily reliant on manual data extraction and manipulation in Excel, meant that Mark Asztalos was spending a cumbersome amount of time creating visual reports to show team progress.

The Challenge:

The main obstacle was the laborious process of collating and interpreting vast amounts of project data. Mark Asztalos, in particular, found himself spending countless hours pulling data from RoboHead into Excel, trying to make sense of it all. The need for an automated, efficient, and visually compelling reporting system was evident. It was not just about saving time; it was about gaining deeper insights into the creative workflow and enhancing decision-making capabilities.

Using the Tools Available

The turning point came when Tyler Technologies discovered the potential of combining RoboHead’s RDD feature with PowerBI. RDD provided direct access to RoboHead data, while PowerBI offered advanced data visualization capabilities. This powerful duo promised to revolutionize their reporting process.

A Partner in Implementation

  • Tyler Tech’s PowerBI developers collaborated with their marketing team and RoboHead’s experts to implement the tool and create easy-to-run reports.

The PowerBI Advantage:

With PowerBI, the team at Tyler Technologies could now create dynamic, intuitive dashboards and reports. This tool allowed them to visually map project requests across various teams, filter data based on multiple attributes, and generate comprehensive yet understandable reports. The user-friendly interface of PowerBI made it accessible even to those less familiar with data analytics.

Case in Point: SLA Tracking

A notable application of this integration was in monitoring Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance. Mark Asztalos shared how they automated the SLA calculation process, which previously involved a tedious manual effort. The PowerBI integration with RDD enabled real-time SLA tracking, providing valuable insights into project delivery timelines and efficiency.

Impact and Outcomes:

The adoption of RDD and PowerBI marked a significant milestone in Tyler Technologies’ journey toward efficient creative operations management. It saved countless hours of manual data processing, offered real-time data access, and enhanced the storytelling aspect of data through visual dashboards. Most importantly, it empowered the creative team with actionable insights, facilitating informed decision-making and process optimization.

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