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Product Update: Easier Communication — with your team and other enterprise apps!

Q1 2022

A work management tool should help you save time and do your best work. As teams have adapted to new ways of working in our 17-year history, we have continued to evolve with them! In our latest release, the focus is on helping your team communicate better with each other and for RoboHead to communicate better with other business tools. 

This update includes a new look and feel for all the Notes areas within RoboHead, providing a clear and concise way to communicate with your team. We also provide more ways to be efficient and bring focus to your team’s priorities.

The Latest Release Includes:
✅ Emoji Support
✅ Notes Redesign
✅ New Kanban view on the Project Schedule Tab
✅ New Form Field and Rule Options
✅ Integration with thousands of applications through Zapier
✅ An expansion of our RoboScript offerings

Notes Redesign

The heart behind this overhaul is to help you gain visibility into moving pieces on projects without missing a beat. The changes include a new inbox, the ability to create subject lines for your notes thread, more control for when notes auto-generate emails, and more. The biggest change is that you can now view times you have been @mentioned in your brand new inbox, available on the top right of your workspace. You’ll also be able to search through notes from the notes tab available from the left-hand navigation. Level up your productivity by saving your searches to your notes tab as quick-reference cards.

How It Helps: It’s now easier to follow specific conversations on projects, search for important notes, and access what you need in a flash.

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Emoji Support

This one may not hack your productivity, but it will make your communication clear, and hopefully more fun! You can now add emojis to any open text field for your own flare in conversations!

How it Helps: Add emojis to color code or clarify projects, give your teammate a smiley face or heart eyes for a job well done. With the full emoji keyboard available, the world is your oyster, cowboy hat, or pizza slice…you get the idea.

Kanban View on the Project Schedule Tab

This feature has been one of the most requested by our clients, and for good reason. For any name field (for example, when assigning a Task, Review, or Project Team) you’ll be able to type ahead and find users by first name, previously, the Kanban view was only available on the overall project view, but is now available on all projects. This new Kanban view gives you greater visibility into all your project tasks. You can easily change the project status with a drag and drop, add notes, reassign, and more from this supercharged Kanban chart.

How it Helps: This chart is another high-level view into the work that matters most to your team.

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New Form Fields and Rule Options

Project Request forms have already saved our customers thousands of hours, back and forth conversations, and confusion. Now, you’ll have even more control over how these forms are used thanks to new fields and rules available. Thanks to increased functionality, like a “read-only” option, you can add instructions for those filling out the form. With the new rules, you can set up logic to make sure requesters don’t submit projects with certain parameters (like a due date set for tomorrow!).

How it Helps: These new form features should allow your team to set better expectations for project requests from the beginning. No more back and forth to clarify due dates or sending forms back because of missing details.

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New Integrations through Zapier

Modern teams rely on a number of tools to communicate and get work done. You will now be able to connect more than 4,000 applications to your RoboHead account (without a developer!). These are just the first of what we expect to be many possible integration triggers and actions available. Popular Zapier integrations include Outlook, G-Suite, Slack, Jira, and many more.

How it Helps: You can automate even more of your work and keep your data consistent!

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A few examples of how you can use Zapier with RoboHead:
✅ A project created in RoboHead could add a line to a Google Drive spreadsheet, or vice versa.
✅ Creating a Project in RoboHead could create a new Slack channel, or post a message to a particular Slack channel.
✅ Creating a Request for a rush project could send a slack message to the request approver.
✅ Adding an entry in Google Calendar could create a Project with the calendar details and start/end dates automatically in RoboHead


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NEW RoboScripts

RoboHeads offer limitless ways to make the tool work the way you do. Now, we’ve added one more! You can easily update all projects within a campaign when the campaign is archived, such as marking all tasks, reviews and projects completed if they haven’t been already and then archiving them too, all in one simple action.

How it Helps: This new RoboScript allows you to maintain control of your project data to keep it accurate and up to date automatically.

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RoboHead Is Here for You

RoboHead wants to see your team get more work done in less time — no matter what you’re working on! We hope these updates will do that and maybe even make work a little more fun. If you have specific questions, be sure to reach out to our support team for help, we’re delighted to serve you every day!

Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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