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See It Your Way: Leveraging Flexible Views in RoboHead

Every project is different. And each one needs its special way to be looked at and managed. RoboHead knows this. That’s why it offers different views like Calendar, List, Kanban Board, and Gantt Chart. But when should you use each view? Let’s make it simple.

Calendar View: Keeping Track of Time

When to Use: Use the Calendar View when you have many deadlines and dates to remember. It helps to see all these in one place.

Why it Works: It’s like a regular calendar but better. You can see what task is due and when, helping you plan better and avoid missing out on any work.

List View: Making Things Clear

When to Use: The List View is great when you have many tasks to do. It lists everything, making it clear and simple to follow.

Why it Works: All your tasks are in one neat list. You can quickly check what you need to do, what’s done, and what’s next.

Kanban Board: Watching Your Work Move

When to Use: This is perfect when you want to see how your tasks are moving from ‘to do’ to ‘done’. It’s like a visual journey of your work.

Why it Works: Every task is a card that moves from one column to the next as you make progress. It’s like watching your work move in real-time.

Gantt Chart: Seeing the Big Picture

When to Use: For bigger projects where tasks depend on each other, the Gantt Chart lays it all out on a timeline.

Why it Works: You can see how tasks link with each other over time, so you know what to do first, second, and so on.

Change Views with Ease in RoboHead

What’s cool about RoboHead is that you’re not stuck with one view. You can easily switch to see your work in new ways. This helps you understand your project better and get things done efficiently.

Control the Way You Work

With RoboHead, managing projects becomes easier because you can pick the view that fits best. Every project is unique, and having the option to switch views means you can always find the best way to keep track of your work.

So, explore RoboHead, and find the view that works for you. Make each project not just a task to be done, but a success story to be told.

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