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Lifetime Brands Scales their Creative Work with RoboHead

RoboHeadAquent x Life Time Brands from RoboHead on Vimeo.

15 years ago when John Bloom joined Lifetime Brands, he and his team were looking for a project management solution that would allow them to operate more efficiently. They chose to partner with RoboHead. Since then, the team has been able to scale the software tool along with their team’s workload. A few highlights that Lifetime Brands Reports:

  • Created a more efficient and seamless workflow
  • Stayed more organized for 15 years
  • Moved their average project duration from 45 days down to 15 days
  • Went from accomplishing 1000 projects per month to 7000 projects per month
  • Millions of dollars saved each year by managing their projects in-house
  • Added outside departments into their process to consolidate it all to one place

Today, 15 years later, Lifetime Brands has accomplished tens of thousands of projects with RoboHead by their side and continues to add more users and processes to RoboHead while RoboHead continues to evolve and change to meet the needs of Lifetime Brands and similar customers.

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