Project Management

Click with Confidence: Checking Hyperlinks with RoboHead

Have you ever worked hard on a project, launched it, and then realized there was a mistake? One common mistake is having broken links, which means when someone clicks on them, they don’t lead to the right place. This can be frustrating both for creators and customers. Teams who use RoboHead publish projects with confidence knowing that everything—including the hyperlink— is working perfectly.

When Links Go Wrong

Imagine you and your team spent weeks creating an awesome email campaign or sales collateral. You launch it, excited, but then you find out that people can’t get to the page you made for them because the links aren’t working. That can be disappointing and affect the experience for your audience. Plus, on certain types of projects, once you publish with the wrong link, it can be hard to go back.

RoboHead Simplifies Your Review:

  • Checks Links Quickly: As you review your content, you can hover or click to check while you’re reviewing everything else.
  • Teamwork: If there’s an issue with a link, team members can point it out and suggest fixes right away.
  • Accountability: After a broken link is discovered, the designer has the ability to update the document and mark the issue as fixed.

Details matter, especially when it comes to hyperlinks. With RoboHead, you can launch your projects, knowing that every detail, even the tiny ones like links, are taken care of.

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