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10 Creative Headaches that Can Be Cured with Automation

When you picture creativity, you might imagine wild ideas, cool original creations, and the incredible energy that comes from collaboration. These ideas can feel extremely contrary to the conversations about automation and AI, but they shouldn’t. When deployed well, automation has the power to energize your creative teams in new ways.

Often the biggest road block to making automation work for your team is that it can be difficult to know where to begin. To make this process more approachable, we’ve published an eBook full of ways to automate the process around creative work. But, to get you started, we also compiled a list of 10 frustrations that actual RoboHead customers have solved with automation in RoboHead.

1. Slow response on feedback

If you do creative work, you know how long projects can be delayed by waiting for feedback and approval from stakeholders. RoboHead teams address this by setting up automations to collect feedback and approval from the right people at the right time, with automated notifications and routing.

This can help to speed up the approval process and get projects moving forward more quickly.

2. Projects status not being updated

Updating your team on when you start a project can feel like the last thing you want to do when you are ready to dive in. Teams work around this by creating a Roboscript to Automatically update project status to “in progress” on the start date. This helps keep better track of how long it takes to execute projects.

3. Dissatisfied stakeholders

It can sometimes feel like creative services teams are at war against the departments they serve, but it shouldn’t feel that way. A great way to open lines of communication is to offer a chance to provide feedback after every project is complete. This is why some teams opt to send survey to initial requestor when a project is marked complete

4. Discouraged creatives

Designers are people, not robots. It can be discouraging when a designer works hard to get a project done before a deadline and they get no feedback. While a small way to show appreciation, teams can opt to award kudos when a project is marked complete before due date.

5. Projects behind schedule

When your team managing dozens of projects on any given day, you want to rely on them to speak up when issues arise. But, astute leaders build in a backup reminder by scheduling a weekly check-in for themselves with reports scheduled to run every Monday, with projects behind schedule and email it to the creative director.

6. Lost Files

Whether you lose track of which file version is the best or you end up duplicating work because of you can’t locate the files for similar projects, keeping your DAM up to date can help. This is why RoboHead customers choose to sync their project management with their DAM with automation like this: When a project is complete, save approved assets in library.

7. Missed connections

Imagine sinking hours into a design project only to find out that the project was canceled or put on hold. With RoboHead, you can avoid any confusion by Automatically sending an email when a project gets canceled or placed on-hold

8. Bottlenecks 

There are many causes for bottlenecks in your process. You may find it is because one person has to do a certain step of the process for too many projects and things tend to fall behind. If this is the case, you may need to evaluate what is on that person’s plate overall. But you can also set up notifications that will notify the Project Manager when tasks go overdue

9. Unrealistic Due Dates Requested

Have you ever received a project request with a due date for the same or very next day? These kinds of requests can be awkward to navigate and distract you from actually getting work done. That’s why RoboHead customers have parameters set up to automatically reject requests with a due date less than two weeks out or any other deadline that does not work for them.

10. Too many requests for updates

When you launch a new project, it can create a lot of excitement, so much so that sometimes the requestor may send too many emails asking for updates on what the status of the project is. One way that RoboHead customers solves this is by setting alerts so that when a project status changes, send an email to the requestor letting them know.

RoboHead can be used in a variety of ways to improve the efficiency and productivity of your creative services team. By automating tasks, streamlining communication, and tracking progress, you can free up your team to focus on what is truly essential: creating great work.

If you are looking for a way to take your creative services team to the next level, RoboHead is the perfect solution. Try it today and see the difference it can make.

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