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Rising to the Challenge: Where Higher Ed Marketing Teams Excel

Marketing and communication teams in higher education face a unique set of challenges that set them apart from their counterparts in other industries. According to recent data from RoboHead, these teams not only handle a higher volume of work but also navigate complexities that demand exceptional coordination, adaptability, and resourcefulness. Let’s explore some of these unique obstacles and how higher-ed marketing teams are rising to the challenge.

Higher Workload with Fewer Resources

One of the most striking insights from the RoboHead data is that higher education marketing teams complete 27% more projects per team member than their peers in other industries. This significant difference underscores these teams’ heavy workload, often with limited resources.

To cope with this, higher ed marketing teams must excel in:

  1. Project Management: Utilizing tools like RoboHead helps streamline processes, prioritize tasks, and ensure timely completion of projects.
  2. Efficiency and Productivity: Teams must work smarter, employing strategies to maximize their output without compromising on quality.

Serving a Larger Audience

Higher education marketing teams serve 22% more stakeholders per team member compared to their peers. This includes students, faculty, alumni, prospective students, and more. Managing the expectations and needs of such a diverse group requires robust communication strategies and a deep understanding of stakeholder priorities.

Some strategies to handle this include:

  1. Stakeholder Management: Clear communication and regular updates are essential to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged.
  2. Customizable Marketing Approaches: Tailoring messages and campaigns to meet the specific needs of different groups.

Seasonal Peaks and Valleys

Unlike many industries that experience relatively stable workloads, higher education marketing teams face significant seasonal fluctuations. Major peaks occur in March and October, while severe dips are seen in July and December. This cyclical nature of work demands flexibility and strategic planning.

To manage these fluctuations effectively, teams can:

  1. Resource Allocation: Allocate resources strategically to handle peak periods without overburdening team members.
  2. Planning and Forecasting: Use historical data to anticipate busy periods and prepare in advance.

Intensive Feedback Processes

Higher education marketing projects receive three times as many comments during the feedback process compared to their peers. This intensive feedback loop is crucial for refining messages and ensuring that all stakeholder perspectives are considered.

Key strategies to manage feedback include:

  1. Efficient Collaboration Tools: Implement tools that facilitate easy sharing and tracking of feedback.
  2. Structured Review Processes: Establish clear guidelines for feedback to streamline the review process.

Emphasis on Print Work

Despite the digital age, print work remains paramount for higher education marketers, who produce print projects 136% more often than their peers. Print materials play a critical role in campus events, recruitment efforts, and alumni relations.

To handle this high volume of print work efficiently, teams should:

  1. Integrated Project Management: Use tools supporting digital and print projects, ensuring consistency and quality.
  2. Vendor Coordination: Maintain strong relationships with print vendors to manage timelines and costs effectively.

Higher education marketing and communication teams are tasked with navigating a landscape that demands high efficiency, exceptional stakeholder management, and adaptability to seasonal work patterns. Despite these challenges, they continue to deliver impressive results, leveraging specialized tools and strategies to overcome obstacles. By understanding and addressing these unique challenges, higher ed marketing teams can continue to rise to the challenge and achieve their goals.

For more insights and tools to enhance your marketing team’s efficiency, visit RoboHead and discover how our solutions can support your success in higher education marketing.

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