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How to Save 6 Weeks of Work Next Year with Integrations

During the RoboHead User Conference in December of 2022, Kathy Lewandowski, Customer Success Manager, had a chance to interview Angie Miglozzi, Senior Traffic Manager for Jobs Ohio and Kelly Mignogna, Social Media Manager for Jobs Ohio about a recent success they had after adopting a new automation and integration in RoboHead. 


Jobs Ohio, an economic development agency in Ohio, has been a RoboHead customer since 2019. They handle a high volume of fast-paced projects that keep them busy, which is what initially brought them to choose RoboHead. 

“RoboHead provided a robust and customizable tool. It fit a lot of needs within the department,” said Angie. 

Kelly, who was spending her time toggling between RoboHead to manage her projects and Hootsuite to publish them, knew there had to be a better, faster way to get her work done. 

After learning about new integrations available in RoboHead at last year’s user conference, Angie and Kelly put their heads together with RoboHead to come up with a better way for Kelly to get her work done. 

Together with the RoboHead team, Angie and Kelly came up with a plan to satisfy their needs by having the RoboHead team help them build out an automation between RoboHead and Hootsuite. 

To make the integration happen, the team went through a simple process: 

Step 1: Defining the action from RoboHead to Hootsuite

When the status of the project changed to “live posting,” it would push the post through to Hootsuite and automatically schedule it. (No more uploading manually!)

Step 2: RoboHead building out the automation

  • The RoboHead team took the defined goals and created a process that would allow Kelly to execute her work in less time. 

Step 3: Angie updating their forms to make it streamlined. 

  • Added a time field for when the post needed to be published
  • Created a rule that Kelly or Angie had to be the ones to approve the post

Now, Kelly can push projects to post to Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. 


“This will save me hours a week. It will really automate and streamline my workflow for sure. This will save me 5 hours a week at least,” said Kelly.

5 hours each week equates to 260 hours each year, or 6.5 working weeks, which Kelly will have no problem filling with additional projects to move the organization forward. 

As for the overall impact this will have on her team, Angie shared that “This will impact a lot. … When we share this with the team, they are going to be thinking about what else they can [automate]. … I know this is going to generate excitement with my team.”

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