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5 unexpected benefits of project management software

Adding a project management tool to your technology stack is a great way to improve efficiency and productivity for your marketing or creative services team. That’s what the software is designed to do, after all. But there are other, less obvious advantages as well. Here are five benefits of project management software that you may not have considered:

1. Fewer meetings

Meetings are generally viewed as a necessary evil. But with the right project management software, you can spend less time in meetings and more time actually getting things done. With a streamlined project request process, you won’t have to meet to go over project requirements. A review and annotation tool will allow you to collaborate easier and make edits without having to review things in person. And scheduling tools will help you quickly delegate and initiate projects with just a few clicks. Above all else, project management software is supposed to make your life easier, and fewer meetings is a good place to start.

2. Improved morale

Team morale suffers when people are overworked, aren’t communicating well, and when there’s a general lack of accountability in the department. But project management software can help address many of those underlying issues and improve team morale in the process.

Software features that provide increased visibility into project status and a defined approval process help hold people accountable. Collaboration tools literally make it easier for your team to work together. And scheduling tools and workload visibility help ensure nobody gets overburdened by too many tasks. In the end, when your team is functioning more efficiently and everyone is on the same page, you’re less likely to experience conflicts that bring down morale.

But quality technology can also have a positive impact on your team in general. When a team is using technology that is fast, smooth, and aesthetically pleasing, it has the exact same effect as sitting in a room that is well designed and decorated. It makes your employees more productive, happier, and feel more supported.

3. Improved productivity in other business segments

You may be adding a project management tool specifically to help your marketing or creative services team. But if that tool is leveraged successfully, it’ll bring benefits to your entire organization. If your marketing team is more efficient in bringing in more leads, your sales team will be busier and more productive. If your creative services team is faster in turning out sales enablement materials and other projects, the rest of your organization will be able to respond to opportunities and execute on their responsibilities that much faster. Quality technology can also spread from department to department. So, if another team sees how well your team is working, they will try to upgrade their tools to find a similar level of productivity. In this way, improved productivity for your team naturally leads to improved productivity for the whole organization.

4. Increased confidence from leadership

Leadership teams want visibility and accountability. So, when you can provide leadership with detailed KPI reports that show exactly how your team is performing, you’ll probably notice their confidence in you increase. A robust project management tool can generate and deliver comprehensive reports for KPIs like the total number of projects, the average time to project completion, actual project cost, and other important metrics. When reports prove that your marketing team is providing strong ROI, leadership may even feel more comfortable allocating additional resources to support your team.

5. Expanded capabilities

There are few marketing or creative services teams that truly do everything. Most will outsource at least some aspect of their operation — whether it’s content development, video services, graphic design or social media management — to an outside agency or freelancers. Maybe you’ve always wanted to experiment with augmented reality experiences, or maybe you just needed time to edit your own videos in-house. Whatever the case may be, with a project management tool already designed for marketing and creative projects, you’ll have the time to expand your capabilities and bring more value to your organization.

There are many reasons to add project management software to your digital toolbox. But it’s the little things you weren’t expecting that can really take the value of that software to the next level. By choosing a solution that’s built for your needs, you can be more productive while enjoying benefits both obvious and unexpected.

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