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RoboHead’s New Product Update: Now Supporting Gifs and YouTube Links in Review!

Project management and team collaboration require tools that are both dynamic and responsive to the needs of the team. RoboHead has always been at the forefront of ensuring streamlined processes, and with the latest product update, we are taking it up another notch!

Reimagined Review Interface: Powering Your Reviews Further RoboHead has reconstructed the user interface for reviews, making it more intuitive and efficient. But that’s not all – in this transformative upgrade, you can now review and comment on Gifs and YouTube links directly within the tool. This enhancement means your team can provide holistic feedback without any hitches, making the review process smoother and more encompassing.

The Most Powerful Tool for Your Reviews 

  • Integrated Seamlessly: No more jumping between apps or platforms. RoboHead’s review tool is fully integrated, ensuring continuity in your work process.
  • Shareability: Easily share projects and feedback with anyone, even if they don’t have a paid  RoboHead account.
  • Transparent Tracking: The full audit trail feature ensures accountability and makes it easy to track changes, so you’re always on top of things.
  • Customizable Control: Have the autonomy to decide who signs off on a project and when, ensuring that projects meet desired standards before going live.
  • Consolidated Feedback: With all feedback housed in one place, revisions become actionable and straightforward. This eliminates the hassle of sifting through scattered comments and suggestions.

Every member of your team – from designers and content creators to strategists and stakeholders – can engage in the review process effortlessly. This not only fosters collaboration but also ensures that every project is of the highest quality, having undergone comprehensive feedback.

Stay ahead, and power your reviews with RoboHead’s latest update. Because when it comes to your projects, every detail counts.

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