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NEW! Try’s Creative Review feature

Collect feedback on print, web, email, and more!

Our free, 14-day trial grants you access to our Reviews feature, allowing you to upload a creative file for feedback and approvals. Our intuitive Reviews feature has several of the familiar annotation tools you’re used to using within creative software such as:

Drawing tools: free draw, lines, arrows, and shapes
Ability to customize shape/line colors and widths
Text highlight to indicate which text should be deleted or replaced
Layout rotation
Page magnification options 
Image color inspection that displays Hex and RGB info
Ability to view file measurements
Ability to “like” and respond to comments to show agreement
Ability to attach files to review comments
Ability to export annotated PDF files and open in Adobe Reader or Acrobat

Start your free trial today!

This FREE trial will offer you a glimpse into RoboHead, a project management tool for creative and marketing industry professionals. Get your team together now and try it free for 14 days.

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