Project Review

Better Feedback, Faster

Invite anyone to breathe new life into your creative work with the ability to add comments, feedback, and approvals from their browser.

User Friendly

Browser-based review portal makes it easy for anyone in your company to follow an invite link and leave comments on your work.

Actionable Feedback

Comments are collected in a streamlined format that makes it easy to make edits right away.

Asynchronous Conversations

Allow your reviewers to leave comments and view other feedback all at once, creating less conflicting feedback.

Built-In Automation

Set your reviews in stages to automatically send to the next group of reviewers when one stage is complete.

Plus, get instant AI Feedback with RoboProofreader (Beta)

No more sifting through tons of emails, going to meetings, or searching for PDFs for individual reviews.

From web pages, videos, and simple graphics to 3D designs with animations, you can upload it and allow others to annotate it.

From a full audit trail to optional digital signatures, your reviews and approvals are secure.

Suggest text changes, double-check measurements, add comments, and more with out easy-to-use markup tools.

Our color separation tool allows you to inspect the CMYK color palette and ensure it meets requirements.

Put RoboHead to Work For You.

Request a demo today to learn more about how RoboHead can be individualized for your needs.

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