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Webinar: Create Project Templates and Improve Efficiencies

RoboHead Webinar Training - Project Template

Do you have Projects that follow the same schedule, include the same team members, files or budgets?  Did you know RoboHead Project Templates will not only allow you to create Projects more quickly, but they’ll also standardize your workflow – resulting in a decreased potential for error, easier change management, and an increased chance of Project success. A win-win for all. 

Whether you manage the entire admin account or act as the project manager, this webinar will help you learn new tips and tricks within RoboHead’s Project Templates.

Join us June 23 or 25 to learn how to:

  • Create new Project Templates
  • Copy existing Templates
  • Define Task and Review details to increase Project efficiency
  • Create Templates for Projects with multiple deliverables
  • Add elements from existing Templates
  • Create a new Project using a finished Template

This webinar will be offered at two different times – choose the one most convenient for you.

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