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Don’t Delete Users. Archive Them!


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Have you ever looked at your RoboHead User list and wondered “why is this user still in our system”, “who is this user”, or thought “this user left our company years ago”? According to LinkedIn’s Talent Blog, in the past few years, marketing roles have had one of the highest turnover rates of any job function — a remarkable 17%!  It’s natural in business for team members to move to another group within the organization, take leave, or leave the company altogether. When this happens, you end up with a bunch of additional users in your account. Instead of deleting users, archive them. 

It can be easy when you’re in Spring Cleaning mode to go one way or the other: throw everything out, or let it all pile up. That’s the case with your RoboHead users, too. But as with cleaning up your home or workspace, it’s all about finding the right place for things.

Preserve your Data

All of a user’s activities are attached to that user account. By archiving a user instead of deleting them, you keep a full record of activities they’ve performed, projects they’ve worked on, and comments they’ve created anywhere in the application. Deleting a user will remove these activities from the application, leaving archived tasks unassigned—something to avoid when it’s time to create reports.

Resurrecting Users

Sometimes a user isn’t gone forever, but you need to put them on hold. Bringing back an archived user is as simple as finding the user in the Archived list, clicking on the Actions menu, and clicking Unarchive User. This restores the user account, whatever password the user last used, and all of their activity with just a couple of clicks.

Balancing the Budget

If you’re worried about costs, archiving is a great idea. You’ll want to speak to your Account Manager or RoboHead Support about how many users you’re contracted for. With that said, if you have many users, archiving a user removes them from the possibility of being billed. Archive that user and you’ll see the change prorated on your next bill.

Secured Accounts

An archived user cannot be accessed for login by the associated email address or by any other user. A user must be Active for the user to log in. This ensures that you can keep all that user data around while ensuring that your account data is safe.

Clean up that User List

Keeping track of teams is time-consuming as is without a bunch of ghosts haunting your user list. Even if the above reasons don’t apply to you, archiving users will make it easier to track the ones that are still with the team.

In conclusion, when in doubt, archive!

We rarely recommend deleting users. Use RoboHead’s user archives to best manage the changes that occur within your teams. For more insight and information on user management, visit RoboHead’s Online Help. 

LinkedIn Talent Blog

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