Project Management

How Creative Services Leaders can Build Relationships with Internal Clients

Your company spends a significant amount of time, budget, and energy building and maintaining relationships with your external clients, but do you put the same care into managing your relationships with internal clients? If your team handles projects and requests from other areas of your company, it’s important to keep these relationships a priority for a smooth workflow. 

When you put these relationships at the forefront of the work you do, you’ll have easier buy-in on your processes, more understanding when problems come up, and mutual respect.

To keep tensions low and productivity high:

Learn from Mistakes: if you want to build trust with internal clients, it has to start with being open to change when things don’t go according to plan. Instead of passing blame for shifting deadlines or projects that miss the mark, work to be collaborative, learn from each other, and own up to your part when things don’t go right.

Build mutual respect: take time to build respect by showing respect. Always lend a listening ear; look for ways to learn from those you work with, regardless of their title or position. Show that you value their experience and insights.

Regularly ask for feedback: you can’t remove friction if you don’t know where the rub is. Ask for feedback after a project is complete. Being proactive about this shows that you value the relationships and want to provide excellent service to other departments.

Be Proactive in Communicating Delays: From time to time, delays are inevitable. Forecasting these delays and proactively communicating them to stakeholders will make all the difference.

Stay on top of your workloads: the best gift you can give to outside departments is managing your team’s processes with order and transparency. By keeping your team’s work organized, you can easily communicate expectations, forecast when things might go wrong, and make changes when necessary.

Keeping relationships in focus during your projects will remove friction and make managing your projects a breeze. When you follow these tips, you’re making an investment in not only the projects your team is working on today, but ones they will execute for years to come.

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