Project Management

RoboHead Release: New Features to Our Review Tool and More!

To make your creative operations run smoothly, you count on your project management tool to do the heavy lifting! The latest improvements to RoboHead will make it easier than ever for you to maintain full control of your final outcomes without missing a beat!

Meet Compliance Standards with Digital Signatures

Many regulated industries require a reviewer to physically or digitally provide a signature of approval. We’re happy to now support this need with the ability to require a digital signature during the review process. This new feature will make it seamless for your creative team to ensure they are getting all the approvals they need in mere minutes.

Keep Everyone in the Loop with Review CC’s

You can now keep everyone informed on project happenings by cc’ing them on your project reviews! This feature makes it simple to add RoboHead users or contacts into your process without adding extra steps. This lets concerned parties keep an eye on the review without their feedback being required to complete it.

Give Precise Feedback with Document Measurement Tools

RoboHead’s review tool now offers the ability to check and add measurements to review documents. When uploading a PDF file, RoboHead will pull in the file’s resolution information and use that to ensure that measurements made in the application are accurate. Similar to shape and line tools, users can select the color they wish to use for their measurements. All sizes are displayed in pixels, inches, centimeters, and millimeters.

Stay at the Forefront of Workflow Management

RoboHead has been innovating project management solutions for more than 15 years and continues to be at the forefront of solutions that work for modern companies. Schedule a demo to see our latest features for yourself.

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