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Product Update: Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Adobe Acrobat Interactions and More

RoboHead 2.11 Release – January 2021

We are pleased to share the details of our first product enhancement release of 2021, which introduces Project Satisfaction Surveys, more enhancements to RoboHead’s annotation capabilities, and the addition of new RoboScripts.

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Project Satisfaction Surveys

A majority of our customers have experienced some changes and challenges to their work environments – with many now working remotely. With this in mind, and for all others that aim to show the value of their efforts, we’ve developed a feedback mechanism to help measure overall project success through Satisfaction Surveys.

Project Managers can now send surveys upon the completion of each Project (along with final project deliverables, if desired) to gather reportable feedback on performance and team ‘kudos’. We envisioned this project feedback to be another input when evaluating team efficiency, identify issues, and quantify what you considered successful.

*Email example of Project Satisfaction Survey request

In addition to sending surveys to external parties, RoboHead has added a new column within your Project view so managers and team members can view survey results and survey averages while working on completing campaigns. These results can also be exported into a report. Over time, you’ll be able to track your overall project success rate and improve any downfalls.

New RoboScripts

Our goals for automating RoboHead and streamlining your Project workflows continue as we release additional RoboScripts for Actions and Events.  Admins can create and enable RoboScripts — predefined rules for your specific workflow — that will complete automatic and timely updates in RoboHead and eliminate manual actions from your daily activities.

New Event: Task Status is Changed
Task Status is Changed (ex. “When Task Status is changed: if all Tasks are Complete, then Archive Project”)

New Actions include:
Send Project Customer Satisfaction Survey (ex. “When Project Status is Changed: If Project Status is Postmortem, Then Send Survey”).

Introducing Webhooks

RoboHead is furthering its integration capabilities with the introduction of Webhooks. Webhooks are a way for RoboHead to provide other applications (platforms like Salesforce, ZenDesk, etc) with data in real-time, similar to RoboHead APIs. For example, Projects created in RoboHead could be set up to automatically create an Opportunity/Assignment in Salesforce or vise versa.

To begin using this feature, contact RoboHead Support to request enabling Webhooks. Once this is enabled, you can work with your developer to integrate RoboHead and third-party Webhooks-compatible applications.

Collaboration & Annotation Tool Enhancements

Our latest update to RoboHead includes a variety of additional enhancements to Reviews.

Exporting Annotations
RoboHead’s Reviews are now exportable and compatible with Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader, allowing external stakeholders to view annotations and feedback from an open Review in a PDF.

Additional Annotation Enhancements:

• For video reviews, you can now sort feedback in chronological timeline order in addition to comment creation order
• RoboHead Reviews will now accept. GIF files (animated images) for review
• Red dot annotation indicators are now present on all annotations and comments, making it easier to see the location of feedback 

RoboHead Is Here for You

As always, we are listening to our valued customers to learn how RoboHead can help solve common project challenges. If you are experiencing any issues or need assistance with our new features our team is standing and ready to help. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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