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5 Tactics to Bring Your Products to Market Faster


Creative teams in the consumer goods industry face unique challenges. They deal with a high volume of work, numerous assets for individual campaigns, and strict timelines, with significant costs associated with delays. Plus, CPG creative teams often have 40% shorter turnaround times compared to other industries. 

These challenges make efficient and effective operations incredibly important in order to stay competitive and cost-effective. CPG Clients have trusted RoboHead for years and we have identified strategies to streamline your creative workflows and find efficiencies.

Making Improvements

Many creative teams within CPG organizations already have strong processes in place. However, due to their large scale, even small improvements can make a significant impact. Here are five ways RoboHead has helped real clients shave time off their production timelines, from request to final delivery.

  1. Evaluate Your Intake Process

Managing requests is critical for keeping your brand’s integrity high and ensuring that products can get to market quickly. Whether it’s web assets or packaging that’s needed from your team, accelerate their production by speeding up the time it takes to launch new projects with an improved ticketing system. By asking the right questions on the front end,  you save time on rework and get to the best outcome faster. 

This improvement can have an incredible payoff. For example, Maui Jim, a premium sunglasses manufacturer, managed to save over 200 hours in processing requests and eliminated more than 200 meetings annually. By consolidating feedback and streamlining the intake process, creative teams can focus more on their core tasks and less on administrative overhead.

By using RoboHead’s intake forms, they were also able to ensure they maintained control over their brand image at retail locations around the world. 

  1. Rely on Templates for Routing Projects

At a high level, you know what needs to be done for each project your team handles. You can speed up the time it takes to assign roles and get projects out the door by relying on templates for project types that you work on often. Smart management with templates will allow you to automate the assigning of tasks based on user role or availability within your team.

  1. Save Time with Automation

Repetitive administrative tasks may not individually take long, but they add up to significant slowdowns in your process. By evaluating where you can add automation, you can save days every month to turn your focus to more impactful tasks.

Thanks to automation, AAA moved a significant portion of their work to a higher level of efficiency. They automated file delivery, saving over 8 hours each week. As Stacie from AAA noted, “RoboHead [has] allowed my creatives to work in the way that was best for them,” freeing them from repetitive tasks and enabling them to focus on more creative aspects of their work.

  1. Organize Your Reviews

Collecting feedback is critical to avoid costly mistakes. But it’s often the longest part of the project lifecycle. In fact, teams working in consumer goods see 26% longer review cycles compared to other industries. The best way to combat this is to bring people in at the right time to provide feedback through staged reviews.

  1. Find Constant Improvements

Continuous improvement is key to staying ahead. Lifetime Brands exemplifies this with their significant process enhancements. They reduced their average project duration from 45 days to 15 days, went from completing 1,000 projects per month to 7,000, and saved millions of dollars annually by managing projects in-house. They also integrated outside departments into their process, consolidating all project management to one place, which improved organization and efficiency over 15 years.


By evaluating your intake process, utilizing standardized workflow templates, implementing automation, maintaining an organized asset library, and seeking continuous improvement, CPG creative teams can significantly reduce project duration and save costs. RoboHead provides the tools necessary to achieve these improvements, helping your team to work more efficiently and effectively. Consider integrating RoboHead into your creative operations to experience these benefits and drive your success.

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