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A new normal? Marketing activity stabilizes, hoping for a recovery.

Written by Anne Aretz — Product Marketing Manager
July 20, 2020

Rather than relying on quarterly or yearly budget reports to understand the state of marketing, there is now an index that can give you a barometer of marketing activity in near real time: the RoboHead 10000. Through insight into marketing activity trends, you can see how marketers are responding to changes in economic conditions, seasonal periods, or one-time events. 

Why is this such a big deal? There is no other index out there that lets you track marketing activities to socioeconomic changes as they happen. COVID has demonstrated that so well.

While the first quarter of 2020 started off strong, that changed halfway through. As COVID-19 landed in the United States, the economy reacted as well as the workforce. Work started to slow, but it was slight at first. Looking at the Activity Index in the monthly view, the decline from February to March was only 5%. 

After March is a different story. Toggling the Index to the weekly view, we can see from the week ending March 7 to the week ending March 21, there was a 26% decline in activity. At this time, most major cities were in lockdown and many parts of life ground to a halt. Activity dipped lower into April; for the week ending April 11, the activity had fallen an additional 10% from the previous week. The bottom was reached.

The good news? After near free fall in marketing activities through March and April, marketing activity has plateaued. From the week ending April 18 through the current week, activity has stayed roughly the same, with the exception of the Memorial Day and Fourth of July holidays. Overall, marketing activity in the most recent five-week period is down 16.3% over the same period in 2019.

In the end, marketing activity is lower now than it was at the start of 2020. Teams will need to be methodical and strategic about their priorities and align their resources accordingly to achieve their goals.