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10 Strategies to Elevate Your Creative Process in 2024

Navigating the creative process often feels like a winding path. But, with the right approach, balancing creative freedom and organized workflows can become less of a challenge and more of an advantage. Here are ten strategies that we have seen significantly enhance both processes and business outcomes:

November 14 may hold a key to your year-end goals

By Abbie Hatch, Marketing Manager for RoboHead As the year begins to wind to a close, businesses and professionals alike gear up for the final push—and a well-deserved break. The last two months are a mix of holidays, family gatherings, and end-of-the-year deadlines. Balancing the festive spirit with work commitments can be challenging. Yet, every […]

Ready for Q4? Productivity Insights to Guide Your Team

By Abbie Hatch, Marketing Manager for RoboHead Q3  of 2023 was busy! People in creative and marketing jobs have been working hard, and the RoboHead 10000 has the data to prove it. The index keeps track of how 10,000 creative and marketing professionals are doing. And this year, they’re busier than they have been since […]

Beyond Time Tracking: How to plan your team’s workload without clocking time

Effectively forecasting and planning workloads is important for healthy marketing and creative operations. While time tracking is often the most accurate (and loved by RoboHead users) way to keep a pulse on how long it takes to execute work, it can be discouraging for individuals to be micromanaged in this way. There are some simple […]

Bare Minimum Mondays: The Trend Shaping Your Team’s Work Habits

By Abbie Hatch, Marketing Manager for Robohead ‘Bare Minimum Monday’ is not just a catchy phrase or internet trend. It represents a rising sentiment in the corporate world, especially for younger workers. Stemming from the surge of viral Tik-Tok videos where users share their most laid-back outfits, routines, or the minimal amount of work they’re […]

10 Creative Headaches that Can Be Cured with Automation

When you picture creativity, you might imagine wild ideas, cool original creations, and the incredible energy that comes from collaboration. These ideas can feel extremely contrary to the conversations about automation and AI, but they shouldn’t. When deployed well, automation has the power to energize your creative teams in new ways. Often the biggest road […]

Pre-Pandemic Productivity Is Finally Back…Do you feel it?

Written by Abbie Hatch, Marketing Manager for RoboHead August 3, 2023 The last three years have been filled with more questions than answers. Leaders have been called to lead through uncertainty, with no roadmap of what is likely to happen next. Between companies going fully remote, distraction, burnout, economic concerns, and a shift in priorities […]

5 KPI’s Marketing & Creative Teams Have Improved with RoboHead

Even the most seasoned marketing & creative leaders struggle to track productivity for their teams. While finding the right KPI’s for your team is a practice that’s always evolving–for your team, their projects and goals–RoboHead customers find it helpful to track a few different metrics with our custom reports. Plus, they’ve been able to track […]

Tuesday is the Most Productive Day of the Week: How to Make the Most of It

Written by Abbie Hatch, Marketing Manager for RoboHead Great leaders are always looking for continual improvement. But, harnessing people and helping them achieve their fullest potential is complicated. If you apply a data-driven approach to your decision-making, you’ll love this new piece of data: Tuesdays are the most productive day of the week, according to […]