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Customizable to fit the way you work

Visualize your workflows on a new level with RoboHead’s customizable Project views. Whether you’re keeping track of tasks and timelines in a calendar, Gantt, or kanban view, your visibility of projects has never been easier.

Sort and filter your project views by priority tasks, team or user, upcoming deadlines, and more. Not interested in certain details? No problem! With user-specific customization, any way you view it, it’s YOUR view!

Collaborate around a single source of truth

Stay connected with your team and clients every step of the way using Notes – logged by user, date, and time.

Keep team members and clients updated of Project changes through @mentions or emails, which can be responded to via email integration and logged with RoboHead.

User-specific prioritization

Each team member can prioritize their own “To-Do” list of project tasks by simply dragging and dropping them onto their list. As each person updates their tasks, your project timeline will update accordingly.

Whenever project milestones slip behind schedule they are flagged with colorful caution symbols and late tasks are highlighted and can trigger automatic email alerts.

task assignment robohead

On your mark, get set, track time

With RoboHead’s timer, your team can track how long it takes to complete their work without it getting in the way of their work.

RoboHead customers find many uses for task and project time — from client billing to managing project costs, from skills proficiency to better estimating future work. All tracked time can be reported by project, task, and user.

Project Management Key Takeaways:

Methodology Agnostic
Waterfall, agile, or hybrid, RoboHead is customizable to the way your teams work.

Project Lifecycle Management
Create, manage and prioritize everything from to-do lists to logged project hours.

Your “Digital Watercooler
Stay connected with your team and clients in real-time with notes and email alerts.

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Know what to work on next based on priorities and deadlines.

Specifically for marketing and creative teams, RoboHead allows you to see all your upcoming tasks, assigned creative reviews, and track your “to-dos” from the office, home, or your mobile device.

Get in touch with the RoboHead team and we would be happy to show you exactly how RoboHead could work for you and your team based on your existing processes and workflows.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Creative & marketing organizations around the world turn to RoboHead to bring their teams together to produce high-quality campaigns. Discover what our clients and past users have to say about RoboHead on the 4 top trusted review sites for project management software. *RoboHead is highly rated in Project and Resource Management as rated by Software Advice’s 2021 FrontRunner Report, Capterra’s 2021 Digital Market Best Value Reports, GetApp’s Category Leader, and G2’s 2021 Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall Grid Report.