North American Rescue Gets a Helping Hand from RoboHead

Results Preview: High level of adoption for customer requests Clear Visibility into project status Created a more inspiring work environment “RoboHead has greatest level of adoption for any job request system in 16 years with this company,” Lonnie Johnson, MARCOM Director Managing a high volume of work is no easy task, especially when you serve […]

Maui Jim Maintains a Luxury Image with RoboHead

Results Preview Saved 200+ hours in time processing requests Eliminated 200+ meetings/year Consolidated feedback “We knew there had to be a better system, and as soon as we saw RoboHead, we knew that we found it.” Dawn Klimaszewski Maui Jim implemented RoboHead to save time and ensure compliance to brand standards throughout their global reach. […]

Lifetime Brands Scales their Creative Work with RoboHead

Results Preview: Created a more efficient and seamless workflow Stayed more organized for 15 years Moved their average project duration from 45 days down to 15 days Went from accomplishing 1000 projects per month to 7000 projects per month Millions of dollars saved each year by managing their projects in-house Added outside departments into their […]

IVC Stays Compliant with RoboHead

Results Preview: Strengthened FDA compliance with audit trails and digital signatures around packaging artwork approval Streamlined their request and approval process “The overall project management, customized dashboards, and in-depth views into priorities and stage status [that RoboHead offers] have been an amazing asset for both the creative team’s efficiency and the review process [we share] […]