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Maui Jim Maintains a Luxury Image with RoboHead

Highlighted Features

Results Preview

  • Saved 200+ hours in time processing requests
  • Eliminated 200+ meetings/year
  • Consolidated feedback

“We knew there had to be a better system, and as soon as we saw RoboHead, we knew that we found it.” Dawn Klimaszewski

Maui Jim implemented RoboHead to save time and ensure compliance to brand standards throughout their global reach.

The Tipping Point

Maintaining an elevated brand image takes meticulous thought and planning. It means having a critical eye and a strong creative vision for everything—from social media posts to printed advertisements and product tags, in addition to really great products, of course.

While Maui Jim’s branding may give off effortless island vibes, a hard-working creative services team has crafted and maintained the brand presence. For Dawn Klimaszewski, a 21-year veteran to the team, this used to mean:

  • hours of tedious project management
  • handling physical request forms
  • arranging multiple meetings for every request

With projects on the rise for their small creative team and an inefficient process, they knew that their team needed a system that could take them further and allow them to scale their work.

Bringing Clarity to Project Requests

Before RoboHead, Dawn would personally manage 200-plus requests each month, with each taking 10 minutes to process and queue up. That doesn’t even account for submissions with incomplete information and the back-and-forth communication needed to nail down simple work, adding further frustration to the process.

Over time, Dawn and her team’s practices evolved from paper forms to a shared spreadsheet, but she was still spending hours each day on administrative work.

“We knew there had to be a better system, and as soon as we saw RoboHead, we knew that we found it.”


Since implementing RoboHead, their team has been able to cut down the time spent processing requests by more than half—plus they have significantly reduced repetitive work and long wait times for responses from outside departments.

The Results Are Crystal Clear

In addition to incredible amounts of time saved in the project initiation process, the Creative Services Team at Maui Jim has been able to build trust across their organization as a team who can be counted on to get things done.

Eliminated 2100+ Meetings in 2021

Before implementing RoboHead, it took two meetings to launch a new project.

50% Less Time Spent Processing Requests

Took request processing time from 10+ Minutes to 5 Minutes or Less!

Consolidated Feedback

Before implementing RoboHead, feedback would be lost and progress halted due to multiple emails back and forth with feedback and notes.

Easy Delegation

No more wondering which designer was available to take on more work. Information on workloads and capacity available in a few clicks!

More Mahalos, Fewer Frustrations

For the Maui Jim team, there are plenty of ways they can quantify their success including the weeks it has saved them in repetitive tasks, but another incredible benefit is that it allows them to serve the needs of their growing, global company with less frustrations and more aloha style. Plus, they can confidently say they have saved more than 200 hours in time processing requests!