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North American Rescue Gets a Helping Hand from RoboHead

Highlighted Features

Results Preview:

  • High level of adoption for customer requests
  • Clear Visibility into project status
  • Created a more inspiring work environment

“RoboHead has greatest level of adoption for any job request system in 16 years with this company,” Lonnie Johnson, MARCOM Director

Managing a high volume of work is no easy task, especially when you serve many stakeholders. Lonnie Johnson, MARCOM Director, and his team at North American Rescue know this firsthand. The company is a leading provider of emergency medical equipment, and has to stay on top of a wide range of projects including website updates, product images and video projects.

It is essential for Lonnie to keep a tight grasp on their workload in order to serve their customers. RoboHead helps them manage everything—from initial request to final review—while keeping everyone up to speed on the tasks at hand.

Project Intake

Lonnie and his team have to keep a constant eye on project requests so that everyone in the company has what they need. They often have dozens of requests in the queue at any given time, and before RoboHead, it was difficult to keep track of them all. RoboHead’s request tool solves this problem by providing a central location for all requests. RoboHead helps by making it simple and straightforward for stakeholders to submit requests.

“RoboHead has greatest level of adoption for any job request system in 16 years with this company,” Lonnie said.

Gathering Feedback

Another challenge that Lonnie and his team faced was the proofing process. They would often have to wait days or even weeks for approvals on their work. The process was draining and halted any momentum the team could gather. RoboHead’s proofing features helped to solve this problem by making it easy and efficient to allow stakeholders to weigh in, which has assisted in gaining adoption from stakeholders.

“I don’t have to continually go in and remind people because of the automation of communication in the proofing tool,” Lonnie elaborated.

Keeping Everyone Informed

RoboHead also improves communication with senior leadership. With a detailed view of the team’s output, Lonnie can communicate the value the team is creating with senior management.

“One of the advantages for me as a department lead is to give my senior leadership a greater level of detail on what my team is doing … It translates our workload into something I can communicate with senior management as a value that makes sense to them,” Lonnie said.

A More inspiring process

The request entry forms provide prompts and make it easier for requestors to remember to provide the important details that are needed to efficiently work a project from start to completion.

“One of the things I know will sap my energy and motivation is not having clarity on what I am supposed to execute,” Lonnie explained. “If I don’t understand what the task is, it’s very hard to feel like I am being successful.”

This sentiment is true for many creatives. Lonnie and his team are not only able to execute more tasks, but they are energized by the clarity and organization that RoboHead provides. It allows them to assign and track every part of the process.

RoboHead has been a game-changer for North American Rescue. The tool has helped the company improve communication, increase efficiency, and create a more inspiring work environment. If you are looking for a project management tool that can help you to manage a high volume of work, RoboHead is a great option.