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RoboHead Brings MRCPL Projects Together for Good

Highlighted Features

Results Preview:

  • Broke down communication barriers across branch locations
  • Enabled them to handle 70+ requests/mo
  • Scaled up production without adding headcount

“RoboHead provides that trail, removing potential miscommunications or overlooked requests,” Jessica Ney

RoboHead Brings MRCPL Projects Together for Good

Mansfield / Richland Public Library is a beloved community hub where people of all ages connect, learn, engage and have fun. With many programs happening each month, Jessica Ney and the Communications team play a crucial role in keeping the community informed and engaged.

This responsibility doesn’t come without its challenges. The team of 3 handles an incredibly high volume of requests from all corners of the library’s nine branches, from press releases and promotional materials to signage, and more.

“Every month, we handle about 70 new program-related projects,” said Jessica.

Even without factoring in special projects, reprints, or individual components of printed materials, it’s a staggering workload. Without RoboHead’s structured project management capabilities, this massive workload would be unmanageable.

RoboHead’s unique request tool makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page. When speaking of the high volume of requests needed by the youth services department, she explained that it was helpful to allow individual program heads to submit their needs before the youth services coordinator takes a look and approves each request.

Jessica emphasized the value of a clear communication trail in managing a high volume of internal requests. “RoboHead provides that trail, removing potential miscommunications or overlooked requests,” she added.

Speaking on the difficulties of coordination between multiple branches, Jessica shared, “External communication is a challenge because I often don’t see any of those people at those branches. But they are my co-workers and I need to serve them.” She recommended RoboHead as a solution to this issue, “RoboHead greatly improves communication. I would recommend it to other libraries with multiple branches.”

Thanks to RoboHead’s best-in-class support, MRCPL was able to get up and running with RoboHead without missing a beat.

“The support team is always super quick to answer our queries and has made the transition process easy. I can’t say enough about the staff there and the support team at RoboHead for how they support us,” she remarked, highlighting how crucial their assistance was in getting everything in working order.

Lastly, Jessica accentuated the essential role RoboHead plays in efficiently managing a high volume of internal requests. “It’s hard to imagine handling project management for marketing without a tool like RoboHead. It has been a game-changer for us,” she concluded, underscoring the irreplaceable role RoboHead has carved out in the daily operations at Mansfield/Richland public library.