Share Your Work

Showcase Your Success

We’ve made it easy to collect all the great work you’ve been doing and organize it consistently and professionally to share and show off all your hard work.

Visual Showcase

Create a digital lookbook with all the projects your team completed in the last time period.

Highlight Efficiencies

Show off data and summaries alongside the creative work.

Enriched Reviews

Add wow to your quarterly and annual updates with impressive visuals.

Amplify Your Team’s Hard Work

Through a RoboHead Portfolio, you can showcase your team’s creative capabilities (and efficiencies) with other departments, management, and external clients.

Portfolios create more visibility by highlighting project data and summaries in one easily accessible spot, helping you measure and articulate the value of the work you do.

Create an unforgettable view of the work you’ve done with RoboHead. Our Portfolios can accomplish the following:

• Create a clear description and project summary
• Highlight and show off final deliverable(s)
• Specific metrics to illustrate time savings, quality of work, etc
• Run filters or specifically select what is added
• Highlight specific team’s contributions and kudos
• Share online, so users can interact with your work
• Download to print or present yourself at your next meeting

Highlight how well your projects are executed by choosing how the Portfolio will display and what data will be included. Whether it be the project scope, metrics, or aspirations, our Portfolios are completely customizable to fit your desired outcome to present your project’s end result.

Since RoboHead is already collecting so much data throughout your daily workflows, Portfolios can be set up to run and produce a final deliverable automatically.

Put RoboHead to Work For You.

Request a demo today to learn more about how RoboHead can be individualized for your needs.

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