Streamlining Campus Marketing Operations at Nevada State University with RoboHead

Highlighted Features

Results Preview: 

  • Streamlined project requests to create a better process
  • Shortened turnaround time by 25% for print jobs
  • Allowed for easy reporting on work completed by the department


Nevada State University’s marketing and events office was struggling to stay organized and on top of all the projects they were responsible for across campus. Work requests were managed through email, which often resulted in missed communications and chaos. Recognizing the need to overhaul their processes and put more structure in place led the university to adopt RoboHead, a project management tool designed to streamline marketing operations.


Before implementing RoboHead, the marketing team at Nevada State University struggled with a chaotic work request system. Requests were submitted through multiple channels, and tracking progress was cumbersome and error-prone. This inefficiency often delayed projects and impeded the team’s ability to function effectively.


RoboHead provides a centralized platform for handling all marketing requests, from business cards and name tags to photography and marketing campaigns. RoboHead allows the marketing team to submit, track, and manage requests in a unified system, greatly reducing turnaround times and increasing operational transparency.

It’s brought calm to chaos” – LaNelda Rolley, Associate vice President of Marketing and Events


LaNelda Rolley, Associate Vice President of Marketing and Events, has seen significant improvements in workflow management with RoboHead. The tool has reduced the team’s project turnaround time by at least 25%, and it has brought structure and calm to what was once a chaotic process. The university recently underwent a name change,  and RoboHead proved invaluable in managing a surge in requests, and ensuring that new marketing materials were updated and distributed efficiently.

“It’s seamless. Once the request is submitted, everything is just there.” – LaNelda Rolley, Associate vice President of Marketing and Events

A Simplified Way of Working

“I would recommend RoboHead for any small marketing office looking to improve its tracking and processes. The user focus — from training to customer service — to make sure your needs are met has been unmatched by any other vendor.” LaNelda Rolley, Associate Vice President of Marketing and Events

Nevada State University’s experience with RoboHead illustrates the significant benefits of using specialized project management software in higher ed. marketing departments. The tool not only simplifies the management of a wide array of marketing requests, while supporting the team’s need to be an adaptable, reliable project management and communication tool. For universities looking to enhance their marketing operations, RoboHead offers a proven solution that delivers results.