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Webinar: Team Time Off, Project Schedules, Kudos, and More

RoboHead 2.12 Release – March 2021

Our latest update is focused on individual team members — providing greater visibility and enabling flexible solutions when someone takes time off.

Also, to celebrate the work each other has done, we are introducing Kudos! Now, you and your colleagues will feel more engaged and recognized by receiving feedback directly from Project stakeholders.

Please join us on March 4th or March 9th to learn more about how our latest release will enhance your ability to:

  • Easily monitor and manage your teams’ schedules with partial days off, out-of-office warnings, and multi-select Task reassignment
  • Adjust Project schedules even faster by removing pop-ups when making changes
  • Quickly copy similar Tasks within a Project with the Duplicate feature
  • Clearly understand metrics for on-time Project delivery with our addition of new report fields, metrics, and Dashboard chart
  • Be alerted when you receive Kudos for a job well done, and keep track of your employees’ great feedback from Project stakeholders

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