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Webinar: Learn all about our NEW annotation tools, RoboScripts, and more.

We are pleased to announce many updates coming to RoboHead in a few short weeks, and want to invite you to TWO live webinars to learn all about them!

Based on enhancement requests from a large number of customers, as well as a greater need for virtual collaboration in the wake of COVID-19, we are happy to announce many additions to our set of Review annotation tools:

• New drawing tools: free draw, lines, arrows, and shapes
• Ability to customize shape/line colors and widths
• Text highlight to indicate which text should be deleted, inserted, or
• Image rotation
• Improved page magnification options
• Color inspection to display Hex and RGB info
• Measure length
• Ability to “like” others’ comments to show agreement
• Ability to attach files to review comments
• Continuous document page scrolling with thumbnails panel

In addition to offering enhanced annotation tools, our September release will introduce RoboScripts. With RoboScripts, Account Admins can build custom logic in your RoboHead account to help you automate administrative tasks. This will free up more of your time to produce the great work you’re accustomed to, and eliminate data inconsistencies.

Some examples of automations you’ll be able to set up with RoboScripts are:

• Set all Tasks/Reviews to Complete when Project Status is changed to
• Automatically archive Projects when Project Status is changed to
• Set all Tasks/Reviews to ‘On Hold’ when the Project Status is changed to
On Hold

To learn about these game-changing features – and a few more we have in store – we encourage all users to attend the webinars below.

Watch Webinar Recording

Webinar 1 – New Review Features and Annotation Tools

Webinar 2 – RoboScripts and other new features

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