Receive a Gift card

Get $500 Per Referral

Past & Present RoboHead users who share RoboHead with a friend or colleague will get a $500 gift of your choice if that referral signs a new contract.


Plus, the team you refer is eligible for 6 months free!

How to Claim

Share RoboHead

Share your exclusive offer with a friend or colleague.

Your Colleague Joins

Your friend moves forward with their purchase and gets 6 months free when they say you referred them.

Receive Gift Card

After the agreement is signed, we’ll reach out to you and get details to send you your thank you.

Rules & Eligibility

This promotion is open to past and present users of RoboHead. To be eligible for the gift card, your friend or colleague must include your name on the referral source for credit to be given. 

Contact for additional details and questions.

To share with a friend or colleague, copy the link below.