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What You’ll Take Away

Customer Highlights

An event to inspire, educate, and provide real-life examples of how companies are utilizing RoboHead and achieving results.

Insight and Ideas

With presentations and Q&A’s led by industry leaders, you’re provided the opportunity to ask key marketing questions.

A Refreshing Break

Get new energy and excitement toward your project management practices by hearing other perspectives.


Future of RoboHead

Dan Perez
President, Aquent Cloud
Lee Winchell
Lee Winchell
Product Specialist, RoboHead

RoboHead has been adapting to the ever-changing needs of creative and marketing teams for more than 15 years! Get a glimpse into the roadmap for the future and learn how RoboHead plans to continue to innovate and adapt its platform to allow marketing and creative teams to do even better work in the future.

Join Dan Perez and Lee Winchell as they review all the RoboHead updates made in 2021 and provide insight into our roadmap for 2022.

Product Updates

Our Upcoming Improvements: Enhanced communication for your entire team

Joe Omann
Training Specialist, RoboHead


In this “sneak preview” of our upcoming product release, we’ll discuss enhancements that will improve team communication – specifically adding Notes features requested by our customers. The Notes Inbox and other new views will allow you to focus on what needs your attention, while still having visibility into all the conversations that may affect your work.

Better Reporting

How to Forecast and Understand Your Team‘s Workload

Jim Tauer
Director, Customer Solutions, RoboHead


Your Projects’ on-time delivery rates can improve greatly when you know your team’s current workload, as well as what’s coming up in the future. RoboHead’s Resource Utilization features can help – but how do you get accurate data to begin with? Join us as we discuss three keys to making resource utilization more efficient for you and your team.

Customer Experience

How Aquent Studios Manages a High Volume of Quick-Turn Projects

J.J. Thoele
Director, Sales & Marketing
Susan Paolucci
Senior Director of Operations, Aquent Studios


Learn from another team that is using RoboHead to maximize their creative outcomes. Join J.J. Aquent Studios teams manage between 1,000 to 4,000 projects annually — ranging from quick-turn production jobs to dynamic strategic campaigns. Learn how the Aquent Studios teams use RoboHead to allow their teams to deliver timely, creative results.


Creating Powerful Templates to Save Time and Prevent Errors

Jim Tauer
Director, Customer Solutions, RoboHead

Using Project Templates in RoboHead can help you standardize workflows, reduce errors, and – most importantly – save time when setting up your Projects. But even before adding the Tasks, Reviews, Team and other elements to templates – how do you even know where to begin? Join us as we walk through best practices in conceptualizing, outlining and organizing powerful templates that will increase your team’s productivity – and keep everyone on the same page.

Sequential Reviews

Building an Efficient Review Process

Joe Omann
Training Specialist, RoboHead

If you’re using sequential (multi-stage) Reviews, you may be wondering if you’re using RoboHead’s sequential (multi-stage) Reviews allow you to route a Review through a workflow of multiple users. But are you using them to their full potential, or even using them correctly at all? This session is designed to show you how to set up and use a multi-stage review, and how to get the most out of this feature.

Product Release Preview

Enterprise Integration with RoboHead – No Code Required

Dan Perez
President, Aquent Cloud
Prashant Kadwe
Director, Information Technology, RoboHead

We often hear from customers that want to integrate RoboHead with other enterprise systems — e.g. project requests forms, digital asset management systems, development ticketing applications. In our upcoming product release, we’re making it simple to integrate RoboHead with even more of your favorite tools through the power of Zapier! RoboHead’s technical powerhouses, Dan and Prashant, will show how RoboHead can be integrated with external systems and demonstrate new functionality for building these integrations without writing any code.


Work smarter, not harder with RoboScripts

Eric Frederiksen
RoboHead Application Support,

Work Smarter, Not Harder—that’s the idea behind RoboScripts, RoboHead’s user-customizable scripting tool. In this session, we’ll look at how RoboScripts can save time, streamline your workflow, and improve your reports, as well as what to watch out for to make sure you get the most value for your team.

Managing Multiple Deliverables

Kathy Lewandowski
Customer Success Manager, RoboHead

Most times when developing a project plan, you’re focused on one goal – creating the final deliverable and getting it approved. But for more complex projects, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. During this session, we’ll walk through specific examples of different ways to manage large Projects with multiple final deliverables.

LinkedIn User Group Round Table

Ann Buice,
Arch Capital Services
George Guy,
Premera Blue Cross
Krista Drock,
Designs for Health
Sara Rogers,
Tyler Technologies
Robert Knoll,
J.J. Thoele,

We’re excited to announce a new User Group hosted on LinkedIn to provide a way for RoboHead users to connect and learn from each other. Join us for a casual conversation with the wonderful RoboHead clients that will help facilitate the User Group.


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We are thankful for a passionate group of customers that leverage RoboHead throughout their day-to-day operations. We always welcome feedback on our content and product. You’ll receive an additional 10 entries for a review on Capterra or G2 Crowd if you submit by Sunday, January 23.