Success Stories

Over 1,000 companies and thousands of individuals have been using RoboHead since we launched our first version in 2004. Our satisfied customers represent a broad range of company sizes and industries including, Amazon, 3M, Cigna, UnitedHealthcare, Wells Fargo, Honda, Aon and Abbott.

Of course the industries vary, but our users are all marketing and creative professionals focused on a similar goal. Creating and delivering great work that’s on time and budget. Explore below how users from project managers to creative directors are employing RoboHead to help them manage, collaborate and deliver.


Taming Unruly Practices at Monster

The creative department at Monster, the leading global online careers network, relies on RoboHead to manage more than 100 creative projects each month. Find out how Monster found RoboHead was the right choice for a single, coherent project management solution for their in-house agency.

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Mohawk Industries

Mohawk Industries and RoboHead

Mohawk Industries, the leading producer and distributor of flooring worldwide, manages 250+ printed projects a year. The Mohawk creative team needed a system to track jobs, schedules, and budgets. Learn how Mohawk’s chose RoboHead to help improve project management and achieve their goals.

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Shelter Finds Refuge with RoboHead

Shelter, a not-for-profit organization that helps individuals and families in the U.K. to find and keep a home, struggled to develop successful systems processes to manage project workflows efficiently and effectively. They turned to RoboHead as the first step to improve the output of their department.

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