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Taking the pulse of marketing.

Sometimes you need to take a step back and get a measure of an industry’s health. That’s what Robohead 10000 provides. By looking at the trajectory of marketing projects started within Robohead, you can check the overall health of marketing. 

Looking at the period from January 5th, 2020 to March 1st, 2020, there is variation, but the overall trend was a 9% increase week over week. That all changed after March 1st and we all know why. With many states with social distancing orders in effect, offices closed, and the economy in a decline and there was nearly a 40% decrease in project starts. 

COVID-19 along with an economic recession has impacted marketing budgets. However, a recovery is beginning. From May 24th to June 20th, there was nearly a one-third increase in project starts, thus the start of a recovery perhaps?

Hover over the chart for individual time periods. Scroll to the left to view data from June, 2019.

The data plotted in this chart is analogous to the S&P 500. It is an indicator of current data in relation to historical data. Also, given that Robohead is always adding new users (thus new projects), the data has been “anchored” by a constant, meaning the first working day, week, month, and quarter of 2020 have a value of 100. 

Here is the equation used:

((p/u * c) + (p/a * k))/2

p = number of projects created during period
u = number of users is RoboHead during period
a = number of accounts in RoboHead during period
c = 100 / (num projects created during first period 2020 / num users in RH during first period 2020
k = 100 / (num projects created during first period 2020 / num accounts in RH during first period 2020)

Learn more about the data supporting RoboHead 10000 and how we came to create this index.

Questions about the index?

Please contact the RoboHead team at RoboHeadPR@aquent.com.