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Your data is our priority.

Keeping client data secure is an absolute top priority at RoboHead. Our goal is to provide a secure environment that doesn’t affect application performance or the overall user experience.

RoboHead is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption, which is far more secure than attaching documents to email. Information on our secure servers is backed up hourly in multiple geographic locations.

Project management Dashboard

Additional Information

What else can a user do to protect their information?
You can further restrict access by project, folder, or document, specifying only the users who should have access. Unauthorized users will not see the restricted information (or know that it’s there).

What is RoboHead’s security policy?
We know that security is crucial to you, and it’s our top priority. RoboHead exercises great care to secure your company’s confidential information. RoboHead uses multi-layered security to protect your data, and we are continuously engaged in examining and updating security as we update our service.

Internally, we restrict access to all confidential personal and company information to employees who need access to the information in order to do their jobs. These employees are limited in number and are committed to our privacy and security policies.

All such employees execute comprehensive nondisclosure agreements, which provide explicit confidentiality protections. Any employee who violates our privacy and/or security policies is subject to possible termination and civil and/or criminal prosecution.

Physical Security
Our secure hosting facility is equipped with state-of-the-art security features. Access to the servers requires a security badge, PIN number, and sign-in at the front desk. The facility has extensive 24/7 video surveillance and a monitored alarm system. In addition, a key is required to access a locked cabinet that houses the password-protected servers.

Unlimited Support

Even though RoboHead is very easy to use, we know that some people need a little extra help or hand-holding. We provide unlimited support for our clients and even for clients’ clients.

Whether you’d like to discuss best practices or have us troubleshoot a browser setting, no problem is too small. And you’ll speak to a real (U.S.-based) person, one who probably knows you by name.

Put RoboHead to work for you.

Designed specifically for marketing and creative teams, RoboHead is a creative project management software that helps teams focus on their people, deadlines, and creative deliverables.

Get in touch with the RoboHead team and we would be happy to create a customized demonstration based on your team’s existing processes and workflows.

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