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Customizable Team Dashboards

View the status and progress of projects across clients, departments, or campaigns. Great for status review meetings, the project dashboard helps get everyone on the same page. This summary view complements the tactical to-do lists that keep the team focused on getting work done.

Insight into the Overall Health of a Project.

See what others are working on, project status, and what has been recently resolved. Easily track each moving part and manage all your resources efficiently to save time, avoid rework, and leave your team more time for creative work.

Time = money

Keeping track of time spent on projects and task is an important element to understanding your team’s strengths, knowing which projects require the most effort, and estimating the level of effort and timeline required to complete the work being requested.

RoboHead makes time tracking easy and provides report that will influence how you evaluate their skills, plan for current and future work, and even accounts for partial days and time off.

Measure Project Success through Satisfaction Surveys.

Easily evaluate team efficiency, identify issues, and quantify what you’ve considered successful.

Managers are able to send surveys upon the completion of each Project (along with final project deliverables, if desired) to gather reportable feedback on performance and team ‘kudos’.

Additional Information

What is a Project Dashboard?
An all projects dashboard gives a high-level view to all projects going on at one time. It will capture the most important information on the overall status of ongoing projects. This real-time insight on the progress of ongoing projects is critical to the effective management of teams and workflows.

Why is a Project Dashboard important?
An ideal Projects Dashboard layout presents key project metrics and information in easy-to-read, intuitive formats that allow managers to “see” every detail. For example, colors and/or symbols representing late or overdue projects lets a manager glance at a dashboard and take action.

Who uses a Project Dashboard?
Most users can benefit from a project dashboard, but its managers and executives who get the most value. At a glance, leadership can see all project statuses at once and drill down into specific projects to see more detail on a late or delayed project.

Put RoboHead to work for you.

Designed specifically for marketing and creative teams, RoboHead is a creative project management software that helps teams focus on their people, deadlines, and creative deliverables.

Get in touch with the RoboHead team and we would be happy to create a customized demonstration based on your team’s existing processes and workflows.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Creative & marketing organizations around the world turn to RoboHead to bring their teams together to produce high-quality campaigns. Discover what our clients and past users have to say about RoboHead on the 4 top trusted review sites for project management software. *RoboHead is highly rated in Project and Resource Management as rated by Software Advice’s 2021 FrontRunner Report, Capterra’s 2021 Digital Market Best Value Reports, GetApp’s Category Leader, and G2’s 2021 Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall Grid Report.