Reduce delays and “back-and-forths” by collecting all the information you need right from the beginning.

Complete a Request Form

With unlimited form fields, you can capture every detail of your client’s project on the request form.  Every thing is on one easy-to-create form.

Create Conditional Logic

Built-in logic displays only the fields needed for that project type eliminating unnecessary fields and mistakes. Required fields ensure you capture everything you need to start and finish the project.

Specify Who Approves What

Simplify and speed approvals by customizing routing by project type or client.

Plan your projects quickly so you can focus on getting work done, not just getting work started.

Start from Scratch

For one-off or fast-turn projects, it’s easy to start quickly by only entering a few fields of essential data.

Use Project Templates

Easily create and use project templates for your most common project types. Templates can be auto-filled with tasks, completion times, assignments and more.

Communicate with Clients

It’s easy to stay connected with your clients every step of the way using Notes. Quickly reply from the email you receive. Everything is stored in RoboHead.

Optimize every schedule with RoboHead by aligning the right team members with the right tasks.

Assign Tasks

Use predefined workflows to ensure the same process is followed every time, which saves time and increases team productivity.

Allocate Resources

Who has the bandwidth to take on another project? Easily view your team’s capacity from this screen and make assignments on the fly.

Visualize the Process

Use the Gantt view to visualize your entire project. Manipulate the order of tasks and change dates while immediately seeing the impact.

Create, manage and prioritize everything from your to-do list to your logged project hours.

Your To-Do List

The My Work view is your go-to for all your work; see all your tasks in one place. It’s that simple.

Prioritize Your Day

Colored icons quickly highlight the status of each task; prioritize your tasks by dragging and dropping them on your list.

Track Your Hours

With a few clicks, RoboHead can track time in the background while you focus on producing great work.

Speed up the creative process and reduce delays with collaborative online reviews and approvals.

Review Deliverables

Your clients can use the built-in annotation and approval tool to provide feedback. Review PDFs, websites, even video.

Manage Version Control

View versions in split-screen mode to see initial feedback and a history of all changes that were made.

Track Approvals

All approvals and comments are time and date-stamped so there’s no confusion around who has signed off on what.

Use the customizable dashboard to know what's going on without having to dig through hundreds of individual projects.

Quickly View Status

Your metrics section provides quick updates on Campaigns, Requests, Projects and Tasks. Click on any metric for more detail.

Monitor Activity

Colorful graphs depict project activities and summarize all your critical information in one place.

Get Answers Fast

Place your most-used reports on the dashboard for quick access and download.

Manage important company metrics and KPIs with custom reports using the RoboHead Report Builder.


Reports include: Activity, Campaign, Request, Project, Task, Review, Approval, Expense, and Time.


Schedule your reports to run at convenient times. Select daily, weekly, or monthly intervals.


Reports can be run and distributed to both users and non-users of RoboHead via email.