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Webinar: Back to Basics

There have been quite a few amazing updates to RoboHead this year to go along with a host of existing features, but sometimes it’s great to step back and refresh your knowledge of RoboHead’s core functionality.  With that in mind, we are pleased to announce our upcoming June webinar: “RoboHead 101: Back to Basics”.  

This webinar is intended to give everyone a refresher on some of the basic components of RoboHead, while also getting a chance to see how RoboHead is typically used by our customers on a day-to-day basis.

Topics for the webinar will include:

  • Basic navigation and page/view customization
  • Project navigation and tab overview
  • The My Work tab, key features, and functions
  • Dashboard configuration and usage
  • Advanced Search, Favorites, Tags, and managing Notification Preferences

Whether you’re brand new to RoboHead, a seasoned user, or someone who considers themselves an “accidental” project manager there’s something in this webinar for everyone.  

This webinar will be offered at two different times – choose the one most convenient for you.

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